Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Season 5 Episode 14

Down On the Street

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 03, 2009 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

Anthony starts his recap of street food with a dispelling of the myths behind street food and how it doesn't make you sick. He then talks about mystery meat which mostly in hot dog form is a staple of street food. First the New York hot dog and next the unique Hawaiian Puka dog. From there Mexico is explored and it's many taco variations with organ meats and other ingredients not used here in America. From there Saudi Arabia's organ meat sampler platter is revisited. In Colombia we're reintroduced to deep fried pig parts like ear, heart, liver, and intestine. In Hong Kong Anthony was harassed by a street shop owner who didn't like a tourist show disturbing her business and how a producer was sickened by the dish despite Anthony loving it. Next in Vietnam we revisit the infamous mystery rodent that took hours of chopping to prepare to Anthony's horror. Next Anthony explores how meat and open flame are great together. First we revisit Jamaica and it's hollowed out drum cooking culture and the aptly named drum pan chicken dish. Next in Vietnam rice noodles and grilled pork are examples of street food cooked on portable grills. Next in Uruguay meat and fire obsession is shown to be an art form. Churriso sausages and flame used to tune drums for playing is utilized. Back to Vietnam Ox street or as it translates literally street of snails and how despite outdoor flames are illegal the locals have a thriving street cooking culture is explored. Next street food heaven aka Singapore, Hong Kong, or Kula Lumpur are revisited due to their mix of most Asian dishes into their prospective cultures. In Singapore Chicken Rice which is the hot dog of Singapore is shown in preparation and the finished product which Anthony samples. While there Anthony eats bone soup which is mutton bones stewed in a chili sauce. Next in Hong Kong Di Pi Dong an indoor version of the open air street market is revisited. Next hand made food preparation is explored and how it adds heart and soul to a dish. In Mexico you have hand made tortillas, in Hong Kong a noodle maker that uses his body as a weight to crush noodle dough to perfection before cooking is shown and how he's a dying breed since most young men don't want to injure their genitals to maintain the art is mentioned. Next Anthony explores how some countries have good food while traveling. He recounts how horrible his food on America's Amtrak continental train service was but in Ireland the train food was incredible and made all the more odd due to the fact that Ireland isn't known for great food. Next in India less refined but still equally great train food is revisited and they bring the food to you as opposed to a formal dining car. Next Anthony takes a jab at cruise food and how awful it is and he cites how in India of all places on twenty dollar boat ride the food exceeds expectations. Next in Indonesia the pancake man floats up to your room and prepares free breakfast each morning. In the last segment of the episode the one perfect dish for Tony is explored. In Peru a local rice and potato soup is shown. In Malaysia the breakfast dish Laksa which is a spicy hot noodle soup is shown. In Vietnam the lunch lady and her perfect bowls of noodle dishes cooked on the street of which if you don't get to her early enough she'll run out of is revisited and the last great bowl dish Tony's favorite made in Vietnam and eaten with scallion stalk chop sticks closes out the episode.