Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Season 4 Episode 18


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 25, 2008 on Travel Channel

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  • A visit to a diverse county

    This episode started in Cairo, a huge city of over 6 million. The traffic was brutal. The air was hazy, with a view of the Pyramids in the background. Bourdain kept saying that he was not going to see them. I can understand that. Tony loves history but it is just not his style to succumb to a tourist trap.

    One thing that our host commented on was how friendly the Egyptian people were. There were so many people who were shaking his hand. Making his way around, he had a very traditional breakfast and lunch that was heavy on the carbs. In a poor country, it is an important source of nutrition. The evening was spent in a cafe, where men were playing backgammon and smoking water pipes. We proceed to the Nile river and a boat ride in a felucca. Tony was complaining mightily about how dumb it was when the boat went under a bridge and snapped the mast in half. Luckily, the scene ended soon.

    The best was to come. Tony got to go to a small farming town and eat a home cooked meal with a family. He loves this kind of stuff.

    The show ends with a day with Bedouins in the desert. The vastness, the emptiness would be boring to many. Tony loved it. I know how he feels. You can hear the silence, absorb the quiet and be overwhelmed by the peace. 5 days, he was told, and he would be a changed man. After the traditional lamb dinner, I think he definitely was.