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    As the new editor, I thought it was time to include some simple guidelines to make the process of submitting easier. No one likes being rejected, and editors don't like doing it.

    The most important reminder I can give you is to follow's submission guidelines. Unfortunately, if you submit something to the wrong section, an editor has no way to change it. So, we have to reject it and ask you to resubmit in the proper place. If you're unsure what's what, here's a quick breakdown. However, your best bet is to read the guidelines yourself! If you have any questions, please PM me.

    Notes: This can be a little confusing, because notes seem to imply additional or helpful information, and sometimes that falls into trivia. For's purposes, notes should be considered production notes. This includes music in the episode, special credit, relevant background on the cast, behind the scenes drama or info, in jokes, etc.

    Trivia: Trivia is all on screen stuff, but it's not a recap of the episode. Things that happen on camera, but might not be immediately noticeable to those watching. Goofs fall under trivia.

    Allusions: This is a reference to other media: books, another TV program, movies, etc. If one of the chefs says, "bam!" it is clearly referencing Emeril and Emeril Live! and an allusion blurb is appropriate. Most Allusions include the quote from the show that contains the allusion (in proper quote formatting–see below). Allusions also include a short 1 or 2 sentence explanation of the allusion. "Emeril Live! also airs on the Food Network, and "Bam!" is host Emeril Legassi's famous catch phrase." For more info on allusions, see Jekyll's submission guidelines.


    1. Look at what's already in the guide: It gives you a feel for my preferences in formatting, things I think are important, and quote samples. If you're unfamiliar with HTML tags, click Edit on an existing entry to see how it was done. Minor formatting issues can be corrected in the editor's queue, the less corrections that have to be made the better.

    2. Plagiarism: Copyrights are respected, as per's terms of service and submission guidelines. Everything, except for quotes, must be rewritten in your own words. It's rough at first, but gets easier the more you do it. This is an absolute. Copyrights are extremely important, and no exceptions will be made for any type of plagiarism.

    3. Provide a source: I try to stay ahead of the episodes, but if you submit an episode synopsis for an unaired episode, you must provide an original, verifiable source in Comments. It's also helpful to add a time stamp in the comments section for allusions and quotes. I've seen all the episodes, but remembering exactly when someone says something can be tricky. Giving me an idea of where to look to verify the quote is always appreciated.

    4. Quotes: Quotes should be memorable, significant, and/or humorous. They should stand on their own and make sense to someone who hasn't seen the show, and represent quality writing. Don't use quotes just to "prove" something or indicate a key moment if the words aren't otherwise memorable, significant, or humorous. Try to focus on the key line or lines and avoid three paragraphs of "set up" quotes. Bold the speaker name, then put in an un-bolded colon, then a space, then the line quote. Don't put quotation marks around each line. Hit a single Return/Enter for the next speaker's line. Contextual explanations should be used as little as possible, be as short as possible, put in parentheses, and italicized. Quotes take a certain dedication; accuracy is important. This means rewinding and listening to the quote several times. [Thanks to Gislef for this section.]

    5. Grammar and punctuation: Explanations should be complete sentences. Proper nouns (names, titles) and the proper pronoun "I" are capitalized. Sentences require an ending, please use periods, exclamation points (sparingly), and question marks as appropriate. A single space goes after all punctuation. Although two spaces are typical after the end of a sentence, scripts here eradicate double spacing, so if you use them, know they won't show. Homonyms can be confused, for example "you're" is "you are" and "your" is the possessive; "it's" is "it is" and "its" is again the possessive form. "They're" and "their", "we're" and "were" are also commonly mistaken. If a speaker in a quote uses the name of who they're speaking to, a comma goes before and after the name, for example: Max: Heavens, Joe, is that really yours?

    6. If you are making a correction, use Comments to specify what was fixed: Please be clear, "made it right," will make me cranky. Something along the lines of, "Corrected quote: removed and in first line, added missing third line," or "Trivia fixed to show actual goof," make the submission easier to process and more likely to be approved. If something needs to be deleted, mark it for deletion and put the explanation in the Comment box; if it's a duplicate say that, if the information is wrong please include a link to the site you used to find the error, so I can verify it.

    7. Avoid duplication: If a quote is entirely in Allusions, don't resubmit it in the quotes section. Please click on the "Trivia & Quotes" button to see the complete Notes, Quotes, Trivia, and Allusions for the episode. The episode's main page has only the top five for each blurb type.

    8. Don't use previews for submissions: Sometimes scenes are cut, or another take used in the broadcast episode. The same rule applies for spoiler sites and pre-broadcast scripts. The broadcast version is your bible.

    That's all I have, I'm on the site at least once a day, so please feel free to PM me anytime with questions. I've included some links below that may be helpful. I greatly appreciate all your work on the submissions and look forward to working with everyone. Submission Guidelines Terms of Service and Help Center

    [Thanks to Layle1 for letting me use her Top Chef submission guidelines as a starting place! A lot of what is written here was taken directly from that forum because it was so beautifully explained.]
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