Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 18, 2008 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

Anthony starts his journey with a brief synopsis of how the country is viewed and popular myths about the country. He then travels to Coronation Market with guide Robert a local reporter. The market loved by all and off limits to the political and criminal activity that plagues the country. While there he enjoys a real Jamaican beef pattie and marvels at how the real thing is much better than what he finds in America. That night the duo enjoy drum pan chicken which is Jamima's most popular street food. The next day Anthony relaxes at Hillshire beach which is the public beach open to everyone. With guide Sarahman he enjoys fresh seafood at a very popular beach side eatery. Most notably the festival which is similar to a fritter is sampled and Tony revels he's never heard of the popular dish. The next day Anthony goes cave exploring with Johnn and Ganz of the Jamaican cave federation. To Tony's horror without being close to the cave the terrain and heat are unbearable. Steep hills, poisonous rivers due to rum factory run off, and parasite infused cat feces are just the beginning of Tony's troubles. Once in the cave the heat increases and the camera equipment starts to fail. Huge roaches abound and the caves have deadly drop offs to nowhere. The next day in Ray Town Tony meets guide Mutabaruka who is a writer, poet, radio host, and Rastafarian disciple. He learns what it means to be a Rasta and how the belief system has shaped Jamaican culture. The next day Tony meets local artist Sanjay who's trying to break into the dance hall music scene. To get a break he must convince a DJ to play his music at one of the many nightly music festivals. They both travel to a record factory in which wax is pressed into actual records. The 45 inch record is very popular in Jamaica and Sanjay explains how most dance hall music is exported and not purchased by Jamaicans. The next day Anthony travels to the Blue Mountains and tours the Blue Mountain coffee production farm. With guide Junior the history of the farm and Jamaica's lack of coffee culture and exportation of the product are discussed. The show concludes with Tony having dinner with Junior's family and discussing the use of a pomegranate like fruit in most Jamaican dishes.
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