Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 08, 2006 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

Anthony starts his journey in Osaka and reveals how the cities geographic location has made it the culinary center of the country. Here we learn about quideray which means to bankrupt yourself with food and entertainment. While here Anthony explores the frantic baseball culture of the Japanese and since in Osaka the home team of the Hansin Tigers. The Tigers main rival are the Tokyo Giants and Tony marvels at the songs and great food inspired by the devotion to the team. Next Anthony meets a Manzai group. This is a form of comedy that is equal parts stand up and slapstick styles. The duo of Ken and Soro accompany Anthony for a lunch of hot octopus dumplings knows as takiyaki. At the restaurant your allowed to cook your own dumplings at your table. Next the trio eats at Geocon a restaurant famous for being a cultural thought Mecca and good food. Next the group goes to Daruma which like most Japanese restaurants is in the upper floor of an office building. Oddly enough it's revealed that Osakans like their food very hot as in temperature and they will hit you with a Manzai fan if your caught double dipping. Next the group heads to a crab specialty restaurant with grilled crab and crab inspired hats. On yet another restaurant trip Anthony admits he's beginning to fill up. At the next restaurant Anthony tries Okinomiyaki which is grilled combination of any ingredients you want. Next the group goes to a karoke bar in which Anthony runs into old friend Michigo. Michigo is Tonys guide into the country and the city of Nori. Here Anthony takes part in traditional spiritual cleansing and festival of the dead. The duo meet Mr. Nakimora the attendant for the sacred forest. The trees are revered as spirits and the Goshimoku aka god trees are particularly special. These trees are used to rebuild the great shine at Esai. This temple is dedicated to the royal family and since wood rots quickly in Japan the temple is rebuilt on a regular basis. Anthony celebrates Obon with Michigo's family which is the festival of the dead. The duo start by eating a meal with Michigo's family and the question of what would your last meal be if you could choose any one from around the world. Back in the city Anthony meets with Hideki and Torugi and the two discuss the whopping 3.4 crimes per 10,000 residents per year the city is known for. The trio enjoy grilled organ meat an Osakan favorite and raw liver with soy and ginger toppings. Anthony ends his journey with a trip to see the Hansin Tigers play baseball. While there he marvels at the clean and orderly condition of stadium and with limited success Anthony releases a balloon in support of the home team. After ward Anthony enjoys sushi so good that the restaurateurs don't provide extra sauces to compliment the dishes.
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