Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Season 3 Episode 6

Los Angeles

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 05, 2007 on Travel Channel

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  • This episode was very personal and special for me!

    I spent the first 20 years of my life in the actual city of Los Angeles and the second 20 years in Hawthorne.

    This episode brought back so many fond memories for me, while also reminding me why my husband, son and I packed up and left California 14 years ago! So much has changed, and yet so much has stayed the same.

    I loved how Tony chose his car from "Rent A Wreck", I remember them well. The Mariachi Band (their singer has a wonderful voice) was a fantastic touch, as I not only went to high school in East LA, but was baptized at the Mission Church on Olvera Street. My baptismal certificate is actually in Spanish, and despite my mixed heritage I can't read it!

    It was great to see him enjoying the authentic Mexican food I grew up on, and can't seem to get anymore. When I was very young, every Sunday morning we would visit my aunts who lived withing walking distance of the Coliseum and would stop off on the way home at a Mexican restaurant run out of a private home to buy fresh home made tortillas. A huge pot of menudo was always bubbling away, for those Sunday morning hang-overs, but could never compete with my mom's!

    Tony's "training" and riding along with the Hawthorne PD's S.W.A.T. division was a real eye opener. He really "took one for the team" allowing them to demonstrate a taser on him! And seeing the gangs that now infest where I lived for so long saddened me but makes me realize that we made the right decision to leave when we did.

    When this episode comes around again it's a don't miss, as far as I'm concerned!