Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Season 3 Episode 8

New York

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 06, 2007 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

Walking through New York City's Times Square, Tony wonders about the glitz, glamour, and seeming sterility of the city, missing the character and feel of a less than savory, but, perhaps, more realistic experience in which grew up. Tony promises to take the viewer on a journey of a New York that only the hard working people know about.

We are first shown Little Odessa, Brighton Beach, with a restaurant whose menu is in Russian. With the help of friends, he is given an array of foods that most people outside Russia have never experienced. He is then taken to a dinner theater, which, he is told, is a bit like Las Vegas: the show is a throwback to 1970's culture, complete with polyester outfits, but Tony revels in it.

Later, he gets into a cab, and tells the driver to take him "anywhere". Eventually, the driver takes him to a shooting range and then a papaya joint, where Tony reveals that he has been going to for years.

He later meets with TV gourmand, Andrew Zimmern, to dine on exotic and authentic Middle Eastern foods in Astoria, and relishes in the food selected by the establishment's chef. Afterwards, he visits an acrobat school, where he dresses in tights, tries the trapeze, and tears up his hands in the process, but has enjoyed every minute of it.

He then meets with fellow chefs at a more upscale restaurant, and enjoys his favorite food, roasted bone marrow.

At a couple of off-the-beaten-track Japanese eateries, he has authentic Japanese sake and food, shunning the more commonplace dishes, including sushi.

Finally, he ends up in Yankee Stadium, reminiscing in the fabled team, and, having an opportunity to visit the stadium on a private tour, a rare smile comes across his face, as he is, clearly, in his own private nirvana.

Tony ends the episode by saying that you don't have to be a chef to enjoy what New York has to offer, but it helps to know people, and, to prove it, is taken to a private dining experience that few will ever know.