Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Season 3 Episode 8

New York

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 06, 2007 on Travel Channel

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  • Shows me a New York I haven't seen!

    Having been born and raised in the greatest city on Earth, and even being the same age as Anthony Bourdain, I could understand his dismay at the Disneyesque turn and fast food haven that Times Square has become. Where's the sleaze, the hookers, the trash, the muggers? Is there anything left of old New York? Tony then promises to take us to a town that only the hard-working slobs know about. The show starts in Little Russia and ends in Little Tokyo, and we are treated to a few eateries and activities that, arguably, most of us have never heard of, seen, felt, experienced, or tasted.

    But, I was hoping for more. I wanted Tony to bump into people he didn't know, without them being aware of the camera, his fame, or the show, and let them take him to places that even he has never seen. No such luck. We're shown interesting and tasty, but, ultimately, typical eateries. He even takes us to places where only his well-heeled friends go. But, I don't consider TV stars and 3-star chefs in the same vein as taxi drivers, accountants, and street cleaners, which is the reason this episode was something of a disappointment to this New Yorker.