Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Season 3 Episode 3

Pacific NW

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 15, 2007 on Travel Channel

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  • One of my favorites...

    My favorite episodes are the ones where Tony visits a US destination. And, this episode is a perfect example of why I enjoy them so much.

    Filled with Tony's quirky sense of humor, you really get a feeling for the people he meets, the food he eats, and the Pacific NW in general.

    Tony's theme for this episode is obsession, and he does a good job of pulling it off throughout the episode. From the references to fight club to his endless search as to why the NW has such a foodie scene, Tony keeps searching and discovering interesting places and flavors.

    Part of the fun of this episode is that the majority of the dishes Tony samples involve regular, everyday ingredients. They're just used in particularly different ways. For example bacon donuts, pop rocks in pie, etc. Of course, there are a few exotic ingredients, but would it really be a Tony show without some?

    The people in this episode are really interesting. From chefs who reaffirm everything Tony's been saying for years to an underground mayor (who's a little creepy) to a foodie club that provides some of the funniest moments in the show's history.

    Overall, I love this episode. It was a lot of fun and fun to watch!
  • A Mouth-Watering Preview of the Pacific Northwest

    Leave it to Tony to turn the hippy-dippy nature of the pacific northwest into something that's apathetically cool. Kurt Cobain would be proud. That aside, he does a great job uncovering the underbelly of the pacific northwest as well as hitting on major points. However I'm disappointed that the focus of the show was on the western sides of the states. Apparently the eastern sides just don't have good enough food - or do they? By sticking to Portland and Seattle, Tony doesn't quite get real pacific northwest food. Yes, people are a little food-crazy in Seattle, as proven by the number of well known resturaunts and other eateries located there. But I really think he could have included some of the eastern side of the states, because hey, that's part of the pacific northwest too. Eastern Washington alone has great wine (comparable to California and France), equally good food, and I'm pretty sure if he visted any of the reservations he could have found some great indigenous cuisine.

    Don't get me wrong, it's a great episode. However what I think that Tony and the rest of his team should realize is that the Pacific Nortwest includes all of Oregon, all of Washington, Idaho and western Montana. A pretty big region and frankly I don't think that Portland and Seattle are good examples of the region as a whole. Seattle and the eastern side of the state (where I was born and raised, and live to this day) are vastly different - in both climate and cuisine!
  • coffee, coffee, coffee...

    So having been to Portland and Seattle many times I liked this episode. Unfortunately I can’t say that I have eaten at any of the places that Tony visited, but it was still a cool episode. I loved the inappropriate jokes about the phallic nature of the shellfish that they were catching and eating. I would love to go to the pizza place that he visits. The donut shop would be cool too, although I am not sure that I would eat the bacon and maple donut that Tony seemed to crave. I am game for the chocolate and peanut butter one. The traveling food group sounded interesting but the only thing that I would have wanted to try was the alcohol.
  • as always only in a fashion that tony could pull off

    no one treks around America (nay the world) with as much apathic-cool as Anthony Bourdian... only he could make a show about eating weird local delicacies exploring the seedy underbelly with the modus operandi of being a little hung-over very informative and intresting entertainment. this episode he goes though Oregon and Washington… getting addicted to doughnuts with maple syrup and bacon topping (sounds gross, just the way Tony loves it) finding the best pizzeria the pacific north-west has to offer, and top it off with a visit to Mario Batali’s parents deli… which looks like an AMAZING place.
    Along the way he stumbles upon how the phrase “being Shanghai-ed” came about with a visit thought the literal underground of Portland and a very kitschy black velvet art gallery… this is the stuff that feeds the soul
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