Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

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  • The world as seen from the eyes of a world-weary cook, writer, and traveller.

    The New York-born, New Jersey raised, author, takes us to places we've heard about, and may have seen on other travel shows, or even in school, but through a somewhat bloodshot, cigarette-smokey lens!

    Most of the time, Anthony disdains and avoids the urbane, in favor of grungy, out-of-the-way, back alleys, and paths less-taken. He seems uncomfortable when asked to participate in touristy things or to wear a suit and tie, and we definitely feel for him in those "awful" instances!

    Like reporter Hunter S. Thompson, he spices his narratives with views that only a curmudgeon can give. Sometimes, he will tell the viewers what he won't tell his hosts, though I wonder what he would say to them in his defense, if he should meet up with them in the future and they happened to see the show!

    Somehow, Anthony always sees the humor in the worst of situations, and, with rare exception, accepts whatever is thrown at him. However, we are left to wonder whether his inevitable, seemingly once-a-show accolades - - inevitably saying that it (whatever "it" is) is the "best" he has ever seen or had - - are genuine, or simply put in to show that nothing is all bad!

    Most of the time, I don't learn anything new, and find myself uninterested in visiting the places he has been. Instead, I watch for Anthony's adult and dark-toned humor, the unapologetic pathos of enduring the seemingly (to him!) unendurable, and the occasional relief when things go his way. Though not for everyone, I heartily recommend this show as a breath of fresh - - if not smoke-filled - - air!
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