Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

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  • No Reservations REALLY IS my "Personal Favorite" of shows that are still on TV in their first run!

    I accidentally stumbled across this show while avoiding commercials during a Poker Tournament I was watching.

    I changed channels and POW, there was this this really cool looking guy in an exotic location (turned out to be Indonesia) staying at this incredible hotel in his own little bamboo bungalow on a lake, having breakfast delivered to him via boat. I was mesmerized.

    After doing this channel hopping between Poker and NR for a few weeks I suddenly realized I preferred watching No Reservations and stopped watching the Poker!

    It took quite a few months, but thanks to reruns and recording, both my husband and I have now seen every episode (in full, lol) of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations and are eagerly waiting for Season Four to continue.

    I'm really glad that NR is on the Travel Channel as opposed to the Food Channel because we watch it not for the food, but for the exotic (OK some aren't quite so exotic) locations, and of course for the wonderful interaction between our beloved "Snarky" Tony and the people he meets.

    This is probably the only TV show that I've ever watched where even if an episode falls a little short of my expectations, I've still been entertained by it and would even watch it again.

    In other words No Reservations at its worst is better than most shows are at there best!
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