Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Travel Channel (ended 2012)





Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations Fan Reviews (30)

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  • Traveling around the world has never been so much fun.

    Forget Andrew Zimmern. No Reservations, that where its at. What's great about No Reservations is that Anthony Bourdain doesn't cope out like other travel shows do, he doesn't show us the tourist friendly areas of a country, and doesn't show food that's from 5 star restaurants or food that 3/4 of the country's population don't even eat. What's really appealing about No Reservations is that he doesn't condescend the audience, its not dumbed down for general consumption. Bourdain takes us to places where the food, place, and people don't actually look that compelling and makes it look like a cool place to visit. He does this so easy that he blows western notions of the all of these things out of the water and shows us the misconceptions that all Americans have of foreign countries. No Reservations succeeds where all other travel shows in the past have failed, everything is compelling as well as entertaining. In the words of Anthony Bourdain, "be a traveler, not a tourist."