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  • The chef turned author takes his show on the road

    I am a huge fan of Tony Bourdain since his book Kitchen Confidential and his first show on the Food Network, A Cook's Tour.

    What makes No Reservations a better show is that it is an hour instead of thirty minutes.

    My favorite part of each episode and commercial break is the disclaimer. Far be it that children or those faint of heart be allowed to watch the show.

    Anthony Bourdain is a chef trained at the Culinary Institute of America. He was the executive chef of Les Halles in NYC. In Kitchen Confidential, he does not hide the fact that he had a drug problem nor that he is, at best, a nonconformist. Tony swears, hates vegetarians, smokes, and has little patience for certain other chefs.

    What I love about Bourdain, and what separates him from other host, is that he is a very well read man, an excellent writer, has absolutely no snobbery when visiting other cultures, is unfailingly polite to any host, will eat or drink anything and has a true curiosity about life outside of NYC.

    I look forward to any destination No Reservations visits in the future.
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