Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Travel Channel (ended 2012)





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  • A very unique show like his previous creations but different then others out there on television netowrks. A great show that explores more than just the food but the culture that comes with it. It is so much more than normal it is an adventure and a journ

    This show has it all to entertain. Plenty of information that is truely informative on culture and ofcoarse cuisine but it truely excells in giving the presentation of a lifetime as Anthony explores each culture and class of people in the cities he visits. There is always so much going on and he truely tells a great tell of adventure as he shows what is like away from our television sets and how it is in other countruies and parts of life. He vivsits many different areas of the world exploreing religion, culture, food, people, cities/archetecture, and even the native animals. This show is also exiteing as much as it has usefull facts and trivia on other cities and palces as it shows the food and more of some of the processes in which it is made. This show has resteraunts and food thats just made in houses that invite Anthony in while hes on the road. There is such a unique blend of different types of aspects of life in one hour of broadcasting. Anthony truely brings home the experiance with his witty commenting on whats happening around him and the emotions and feeling are truely there in this show. He knows how to present and so far all the episodes have had everything anyone has ever wanted in a travel/food show. He has truely outdone himself this time and it shows. I hope many people truely relish what he is doing for the shows and what it us for I hope he stays on the air for a while telling us his magical tales from the places most of us have never been.
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