Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Season 4 Episode 8


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 25, 2008 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

Anthony starts his journey in Bucharest to meet Zamir. The duo head to a park with a statue of Valid Tempes the mythical leader of Romania also known as Dracula. The two decide to leave when park official try to extort film rights from them even though they have government approval. Next the two head to Jerestare and experience Romania's fusion food culture. They dine on a whole roasted pig and laugh at the larger than life restaurant owner. She bangs a gavel of approval for each meal that comes out of the kitchen. The next day Anthony and Zamir dine on street food and sample Mich. The meal is made of beef, chicken, and mutton all in sausage form. The next day at revolutionary square the story of how the last dictator of Romania was over thrown is told. After a forced political rally he was murdered and the communist regime was overthrown. After wards the duo get on a train and head to Dracula's castle which was for sale at the time. Later that Halloween night at the very cheap Hotel Dracula which is on the castle grounds. Anthony in costume is disgusted by the cheesy and western commercialized influence of the hotel and the Halloween dance he and Zamir attended. The next day Zamir finds a Dacha a cold war era economy car for he and Anthony's trip to the country side. In Maramorish the duo eat at Cafe Estoria and sample local plum liquor and beer. Next the two tour Merry cemetary with guide Valad and here the grave markers are brightly decorated and even depict the deceased method of death. In the last segment of the show after their car breaks down. Zamir and Tony take a horse cart ride to a local vehicle and Zamir suffers on the bumpy ride due to injuring his back while trying to push the Dacha. At the village the two meet Victor the butcher and he prepares a whole pig. The process starts by using a torch to burn off the fur. Zamir after many drinks of the local moonshine is taken to a hotel to recuperate and hopefully improve his injured back. Later that night a healthy Zamir gets right back to drinking and annoys Tony with constant drunken toasting. The night ends with Zamir getting his own miniature headstone fittingly depicting him drinking himself to death.