Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Season 4 Episode 8


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 25, 2008 on Travel Channel

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  • I considered the Romania episode the best of Season 4.

    The previous shows seemed to be watered down to me. Too much emphasis on food and not enough on culture. I like when Tony searches out those off the beaten path areas of a country and he definitely did that here.

    This was also the all important return of the Snarky Tony that I really missed! With the exception of the "bat cave" in Jamaica, Tony has just been too "happy happy joy joy"!

    And despite a lot of flack I've read about Zamir being Tony's guide I think he was perfect and was thrilled to have him along, bad back and all!

    Seems to me, when things don't go exactly as they should on the show, that's what makes the show special. So this show was very, very special!
  • What a disappointment, lack of country knowledge, poorly researched food content, painful stupid Vampire party and disrespect for a country!!!

    First, I must the show's budget so small that you couldn't identify one chef in Romania that you took a Russian to review Romanian food? After the cold war ended, didn't anyone bother to point out what an insult to the country that would be? Between the drunk Russian friend and the endless vampire segment (for a country that is 80% Christian), Tony and the researchers really looked like dumb Americans. Tony missed the boat on the food. I went to Romania last year and had a wonderful time and had terrific fresh simple food. While the country is very underdeveloped, the food was all about simple rural choices. He could have focused more on polenta combinations, the variety of soups and fruit-based jams, etc... Also, while he was busy drinking moonshine, there is a huge burgeoning Romanian wine industry (started at the time of the Romans and actually routinely visited by the rich Russians) that he completely missed. And, my favorite find....he missed the Turkey-flavored potato snack I've had in years!!

    He should apologize to the country and retape the show to challenge himself to really find the good food....without his friend.
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