Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations - Season 1

Travel Channel (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • 8/15/05
    Responding to an invitation from an old friend. Tony travels to Vietnam with the definite feeling of James Bond-ish intrigue. Discovering food, customs and the not so sinister plans for international tourism.
  • Tony is invited to New Zealand to lecture at a gourmet food convention. But after receiving a lukewarm reception from the crowd, he decides to search for real Kiwi culture outside the city of Christchurch.
  • 8/22/05
    Tony has always had an interest in "natural fusion" or the way cuisines intertwine with cultures over the course of history. In Malaysia, this is particularly true as a variety of cultures have blended.
  • 7/25/05
    Tony's debut episode of this new series has him visiting Paris. He explores the city's famous catacombs, tries out some absinthe, checks out one of the city's major meat markets, and spends the night in the room where Oscar Wilde passed away.
  • Uzbekistan
    Episode 8
    Tony explores the 2000-year-old city of Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan with his friend Zamir. He partakes in local culture, attends a wedding, and also receives a "relaxing" massage at a sauna.
  • Sicily
    Episode 6
    While in the small country of Sicily, Tony is treated to tripe at the II Capo Market. He tries a spleen sandwich with the President (of Sicily). And, Tony attempts to determine where you can find the greatest cannoli.
  • New Jersey
    Episode 3
    Tony visits the state of New Jersey. He takes us on a trip through his birthplace trying to disspell some common misconceptions of the garden state. We learn about the Sopranos and other NJ landmarks as Tony reminisces.
  • This week Anthony travels to Iceland, where in winter the volcanic islands see only about four hours of sunlight a day. Anthony finds the darkness comforting and learns how the Icelanders contend with the dark days - eating, drinking, and pumping iron!
  • Las Vegas
    Episode 7
    Given a deadline to write about Vegas food by a food magazine, Tony spends four days exploring Las Vegas and learns how it's transforming into a mecca for chefs.
  • 11/6/14