Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Season 5 Episode 16


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 17, 2009 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

Anthony starts his journey recapping how frantic everyone was that they were filming on the first day of weeks of rioting. Anthony worried after his Lebanon experience decides to sojourn through and film the episode. First he mentions Bangkok's basic life of food, protest, and yabba a form of cheap speed. Next Anthony eats Palk rice porridge a traditional Thai breakfast dish with pork and vegetables in it. We take a brief flashback to Anthony interviewing an American expatriate who works as a Muay Thai fighter named Eric Rivera. The duo celebrate the Buddhist New Year which involves mud and water throwing fights. After wards Anthony hops a train in Banlem to travel to the country side and is pummeled by children throwing water balloons. His guide Gong shows him some local noodle dishes also recommended by a local grandmother who jokes about forgetting some of the names of her twenty two grandchildren. After the train ride Anthony goes to a market that sits in the middle of the rail road tracks and the vendors literal move their shops when the train comes. Next Anthony and Gong go cockle hunting and are accosted by crab eating monkeys. The group steps out of the boat and surf through the mud on surf boards. It's very difficult and Anthony and his guide fall ofter in waist deep mud. After wards the group travels to a bamboo fishing station in the middle of the bay but due to bad whether they quickly go back to shore. The next day the duo head to the floating market which services all sorts of wares but the main draw is the food. Next Anthony heads down the canal system of Thailand which with Jerry Hopkins the two reminisce about how Thailand was called the Venice of Asia. The two have a lunch of Snake Head fish while talking about Thai culture. Later that night Anthony heads to Bangkok's China town with guide Mc Dang a local food show host. The two comment on how most Thai's have Chinese ancestry while eating whole roast pig. The dish is cooked twice first after you eat the crispy skin and top layer leaving the meat underneath. Anthony visits a cockfighting pen and juxtaposes this sport against Muay Thai. Muay Thai is the martial art created in Thai land and the national sport of the country. He meets up with Eric for a traditional chicken dish before his fight. In the final segment of the show Anthony sees Eric fight. Eric despite being bigger is put on even terms due to the skill and training of his opponent. After wards they all have a dinner of frog curry and fish and learn that Eric's opponent is working his way though school and has more ambition that just being a fighter.