Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Season 6 Episode 10

Vietnam: Central Highlands

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 29, 2010 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

Anthony starts his journey with a brief history of Vietnam's Central Highlands from culture to food to wars fought in region. In the city of Hilat Anthony meets guide Dim won Lin and remembers their first Vietnam encounter. Comically it's remember their shared squeezle experience and the partake in various duck dishes. The duo then reminisce about Vietnam's last emperor Bao-Dai. They visit his home now a tourist destination and talk about his legacy and how his rule impacted the country. Next at Lin Phaag Pagoda Anthony and guide meet the vegetarian Buddhist nuns and have a vegetarian lunch. The next day the duo head to an outdoor restaurant in hopes of eating Deer and Wild Boar. To Anthony's disappointment he's surprised by some Java Mouse Deer which is very close to the sqeezle in taste. Next the two go to a Montagnard village that still uses and domesticates elephants as they've done for hundreds of years. In another village we see how tribes reenact their daily lives for the entertainment of tourist. Next Anthony heads to Hanoi and meets up with past guide Hanh. They eat various birds and insects. They also have bird whiskey made potent by birds used as fermentation tools. Next day after a visit to the Lunar festival the trio eat snail noodle soup. In the final segment of the show the trio eat Bahn Cahn which is a crepe filled with pork and topped with scallions. To Tony's dismay they are treated to a dish of water bugs which his host comically don't want anything to do with. The show ends with the trio in a local restaurant/cock-fighting establishment. The place is not only famous for it's chicken but it's 48 proof rice wine. Hanh gets very drunk and giggles at everything the final scenes show Tony on the back of a motorbike at night exploring Hanoi.