Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Season 5 Episode 10

Vietnam: There's No Place Like Home

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 09, 2009 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

Anthony starts his journey reminiscing about his first trip to Vietnam and how it forever changed him. He then partakes of Vietnamese traditional coffee sweet and thick in it's design. He meets Ha and Hahn for a classic Vietnamese breakfast. It's a seafood crepe borrowing from both Vietnamese and French culture. Anthony and Ha then head out into the night to witness street food and culture. In Vietnam the food and the street performers are equally the reason why people hang out at night. We see how diverse Ox street is with video game cafe's, street food, performers, and out door bars. Next Anthony meets back up with his former boss Phillipe from Les Halle. The two walk down the street while Phillipe tries everything in sight to Tony's amazement. The two motorcycle ride to and open air restaurant and meet the Lunch Lady. She specializes in daily soups made fresh that day. Next Anthony heads to the city of Hoi an and study it's history. Once a Mecca for rich Japanese business men and mostly unaffected by the Vietnam war the city is a tourist delight. The city lives off the river and is run by women. The two eat breakfast a famous meal called Cao Lau. The locals laugh at them as they apparently eat the breakfast wrong and from lunch they enjoy Bánh mì's. It's the traditional Vietnamese sandwich exclusive to the culture. Next Anthony, Phillipe, and Lee go looking for houses. Lee and her husband moonlight as realtors so the trio tour houses for Tony's move to Vietnam. The first home is an example of a traditional Vietnamese home. With a well for water and a wood burning stove. Anthony laments that if he were single he would go for it. Next we see a modern home similar to anything you would find in the west. Anthony jokes that the place is unlivable due to it's proximity to a cooking school and he fears being pestered by foodies day and night. In the final segment of the show. Anthony, Phillipe, and guide Tom eat dinner with a local family. He discovers that the mother and father fought on opposite sides in the Vietnam war. Next Anthony heads to Saigon to pay his respects to the memory of Madame Ngoc. Anthony met her his first time in Vietnam and the warmth and kindness she showed him he has never forgotten.