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Antiques Roadshow

Monday 12:00 AM on PBS Premiered Jan 01, 1997 In Season



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Antiques Roadshow
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Holy patina! ANTIQUES ROADSHOW turns 10 years old in January 2006. The three-time Emmy-nominated series continues to be PBS's most-watched, thanks to an addictive mix of suspense, history, and dramatic revelations - in bite-sized segments. The magic ingredient that keeps viewers coming back for more? It's the alchemy of turning trash into treasure (and sometimes vice versa) before our very eyes, performed by some of the world's most adept antiques and collectibles experts. Each appraisal reveals a new surprise - and that never gets old. Premiering Monday, January 9, 2006 at 8pm ET on PBS, ROADSHOW's 10th season is packed with firsts - and foremost is the debut of Mark L. Walberg as series host. A seasoned veteran of television reality and quiz shows, Walberg brings a down-to-earth warmth and enthusiasm to each episode, whether he's welcoming the audience, chatting up guests at the appraisal events, or tapping experts for the latest collecting tips and trends. 2006 also heralds the first ANTIQUES ROADSHOW sweepstakes. ANTIQUES ROADSHOW "House Calls" turns the tables by inviting viewers to enter and win a ROADSHOW appraisal in the comfort of their own homes - complete with ROADSHOW experts and television cameras. The six lucky "House Calls" winners will be featured on ROADSHOW episodes throughout the 2007 broadcast season. ANTIQUES ROADSHOW continues the anniversary celebration online with a video scrapbook of great ROADSHOW milestones and moments from the series' first decade. Relive the excitement of ROADSHOW's all-time top ten appraisals. See how a ROADSHOW event comes to life with an insider's tour of the production process. And get a peek at what's coming up in ROADSHOW's 10th anniversary season. See ANTIQUES ROADSHOW's Winter/Spring 2006 Broadcast Schedule now!moreless
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    • Antiques Roadshow.

      The series features antiques owners who bring in items to be appraised by experts and be rewarded.
    • I think this show is misunderstood.

      I love antiques! Especially anything pre-1920. It's awesome seeing them in person at an antique mall or shoppe, but I think it's pretty cool to see them on TV too. Especially while they're being appraised. I enjoy it partly for the thrill of finding something is worth much more than it looks, or the owner thinks. But mostly because I like to pay attention to the things the appraisers look for because I find it fascinating! And when anything pre-1920 comes up, especially if it's of any interest to a lady, I'm just drawn in. Sometimes the things being appraised are of no interest to me, but there are also some times I can't be pulled away!moreless
    • We all love to think our old things and collectibles are worth money. This show is a fantasy come true; what looks like junk can be worth a cool $70,000! Expert appraisers evaluate curios, antiques, paintings, jewelry, and toys that real people bring in.moreless

      Small, half-hour but powerful PBS "reality" show featuring expert appraisers who evaluate in great detail collectibles and antiques brought in by regular people. The show visits one city per week. Although the history of any individual item, such as a dining chair or old toy-train or Confederate medal can can be very interesting, the viewer must wait until the item is fully examined and discussed until the appraiser decides and announces the VALUE of the thing. And brrrring -- cha-ching!! The figure pops up on the screen. And if it's over a few hundred dollars the happy owner of the junque says "Oh, My God!" or "I can't believe it!" or "That's amazing. Thank you." Thank you for the money!

      Everyone loves money!moreless
    • I may be a nerd--BUT I LOVE THIS SHOW!

      We all know that the Antiques Roadshow is not know for being all that fun or creative, exciting or makes you sit on the edge of your seat. But I really like this show! To me, it's really fun. You can see all these amazing things that just simple people find in their basement or attic or have been passed down to them. You can see really amazing things like there has been a rare sculpture, a Marilyn Monroe autograph and even President Thomas Jefferson's rocking chair! It's already cool enough to see these artifacts then you actually get to see the price of these things! Some only get hundreds but others are worth thousands! A lot of people are amazed at what they can dig out of their house. Heck, it makes me want to look around my house for something and get it appraised!moreless
    • Interesting perspective on the past

      Art or historical objects help to bring to life a family's history, or to reflect world events. As the Antiques Roadshow visits different cities, you also get a perspective of the local culture. For younger viewers, the show is definitely educational.

      An object/art collector can find special interest when a fellow collector brings in a choice object. As an arctophile (teddy bear collector), I find special interest in such things such as Steiff bears. To find out what determines value in a teddy bear is especially fascinating.

      The sometimes stunning monetary values of these objects, and the reaction of the owner to the values add to the entertainment of the show.


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