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  • Antiques Roadshow.

    The series features antiques owners who bring in items to be appraised by experts and be rewarded.
  • I think this show is misunderstood.

    I love antiques! Especially anything pre-1920. It's awesome seeing them in person at an antique mall or shoppe, but I think it's pretty cool to see them on TV too. Especially while they're being appraised. I enjoy it partly for the thrill of finding something is worth much more than it looks, or the owner thinks. But mostly because I like to pay attention to the things the appraisers look for because I find it fascinating! And when anything pre-1920 comes up, especially if it's of any interest to a lady, I'm just drawn in. Sometimes the things being appraised are of no interest to me, but there are also some times I can't be pulled away!
  • We all love to think our old things and collectibles are worth money. This show is a fantasy come true; what looks like junk can be worth a cool $70,000! Expert appraisers evaluate curios, antiques, paintings, jewelry, and toys that real people bring in.

    Small, half-hour but powerful PBS "reality" show featuring expert appraisers who evaluate in great detail collectibles and antiques brought in by regular people. The show visits one city per week. Although the history of any individual item, such as a dining chair or old toy-train or Confederate medal can can be very interesting, the viewer must wait until the item is fully examined and discussed until the appraiser decides and announces the VALUE of the thing. And brrrring -- cha-ching!! The figure pops up on the screen. And if it's over a few hundred dollars the happy owner of the junque says "Oh, My God!" or "I can't believe it!" or "That's amazing. Thank you." Thank you for the money!

    Everyone loves money!
  • I may be a nerd--BUT I LOVE THIS SHOW!

    We all know that the Antiques Roadshow is not know for being all that fun or creative, exciting or makes you sit on the edge of your seat. But I really like this show! To me, it's really fun. You can see all these amazing things that just simple people find in their basement or attic or have been passed down to them. You can see really amazing things like there has been a rare sculpture, a Marilyn Monroe autograph and even President Thomas Jefferson's rocking chair! It's already cool enough to see these artifacts then you actually get to see the price of these things! Some only get hundreds but others are worth thousands! A lot of people are amazed at what they can dig out of their house. Heck, it makes me want to look around my house for something and get it appraised!
  • Interesting perspective on the past

    Art or historical objects help to bring to life a family's history, or to reflect world events. As the Antiques Roadshow visits different cities, you also get a perspective of the local culture. For younger viewers, the show is definitely educational.

    An object/art collector can find special interest when a fellow collector brings in a choice object. As an arctophile (teddy bear collector), I find special interest in such things such as Steiff bears. To find out what determines value in a teddy bear is especially fascinating.

    The sometimes stunning monetary values of these objects, and the reaction of the owner to the values add to the entertainment of the show.

  • Some people are so retarded.

    Okay I got no idea what the #### this "show" is. The basic premise is "find out what some old #### in your atic costs" and that is now the stupidest thing I ever seen. But fitingly it airs on PBS which has a reputation for airing stupid crap. I think this should be canned by PBS "Public bull #### tellivision" now.
  • It runs the gamut of emotions

    People bring in what they think is a very valuable treasure - which they paid a lot of money for - only to find out it's a fake, or just not worth a lot.
    You almost feel the crushing disappointment.

    Others bring in something they found on a junk heap - or bought for .25c at a rummage sale, and find out they have either something really valuable - or best of all, a museum piece. Some are so astonished, I want to reach thru the TV screen and gently push their jaws back up. :-P

    Then there is the third catagory, those who bring in an item and find out it's not what they thought it is. The items usually have some value, and the person learns something interesting.
    Those are the segments I like the best because the occasional really obscure fact will be revealed - something which was common knowledge 100 years or more ago, but has now been forgotten.
  • A simple formula - people bring in their treasures to be appraised and discussed

    While the US version is interesting, I prefer the original UK edition of the show - the items tend to be older, and the appraisers tend to discuss more of the history of the objects. Nonetheless, in each incarnation of the show - and I've seen the US, UK, and Canadian versions - it is the curiousity about the next object, its history, and its value which keep you watching. You never know what you may see, from Roman coins to Chinese imperial costumes to all sorts of china, silver, and tableware. Antiques road show is definitely one of my favourite time-wasters.
  • How do people find entertainment in this show?

    Why do people like it? It is a puzzling question to be sure. A bunch of old people bring in some old stuff to old people so they can tell the old people who brought the stuff in just how much it is worth. Where is the entertainment quality in that? Where would Antiques Roadshow be without gun of the week? It seems that every time I come upon this show channel surfing we get to be entertained by gun of the week. Is there a gun every week or do I just happen to see all the episodes with guns?
  • Antiques Roadshow is an informative and interesting hour in which people bring in their most prized possessions and have an expert put a value on them.

    The Antiques Roadshow is a show in which experts on everything from military memorabilia to glass to comic books put a value on different items. The show moves from city to city across the United States and people bring in their most prized possessions and sometimes their junk to have various experts on the subject give a brief history and the approximate value of the item. It is amazing how much information on the various relics that these experts can find. It can also be informative if you may have some of the same items in your own home. Sometimes the people bring items worth extreme amounts of cash and their lives can be changed by this show. Antiques Roadshow is not for everyone but if you enjoy historical tidbits and have an interest in what your old stuff may be worth then the show will be a fun hour for you.