Antiques Roadshow

Monday 12:00 AM on PBS Premiered Jan 01, 1997 In Season





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  • I may be a nerd--BUT I LOVE THIS SHOW!

    We all know that the Antiques Roadshow is not know for being all that fun or creative, exciting or makes you sit on the edge of your seat. But I really like this show! To me, it's really fun. You can see all these amazing things that just simple people find in their basement or attic or have been passed down to them. You can see really amazing things like there has been a rare sculpture, a Marilyn Monroe autograph and even President Thomas Jefferson's rocking chair! It's already cool enough to see these artifacts then you actually get to see the price of these things! Some only get hundreds but others are worth thousands! A lot of people are amazed at what they can dig out of their house. Heck, it makes me want to look around my house for something and get it appraised!