Antiques Roadshow

Monday 12:00 AM on PBS Premiered Jan 01, 1997 In Season





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  • We all love to think our old things and collectibles are worth money. This show is a fantasy come true; what looks like junk can be worth a cool $70,000! Expert appraisers evaluate curios, antiques, paintings, jewelry, and toys that real people bring in.

    Small, half-hour but powerful PBS "reality" show featuring expert appraisers who evaluate in great detail collectibles and antiques brought in by regular people. The show visits one city per week. Although the history of any individual item, such as a dining chair or old toy-train or Confederate medal can can be very interesting, the viewer must wait until the item is fully examined and discussed until the appraiser decides and announces the VALUE of the thing. And brrrring -- cha-ching!! The figure pops up on the screen. And if it's over a few hundred dollars the happy owner of the junque says "Oh, My God!" or "I can't believe it!" or "That's amazing. Thank you." Thank you for the money!

    Everyone loves money!