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  • Louisville, Hour 3
    Louisville, Hour 3
    Episode 16
    At the Embroiderer's Guild of America in Louisville, Kentucky, appraiser Nancy Druckman shows host Mark L. Walberg samples of antique needlework crafted by school girls. Highlights include: a rare, circa 1910 Dirk Van Erp lamp; an 1876 portrait Jumeau doll with almost all original parts; and a Kentucky corner cupboard made of locally grown wood and valued at $8,500.moreless
  • Louisville, Hour 2
    Louisville, Hour 2
    Episode 15
    At the historic Civil War battle site in Perryville, Kentucky, host Mark L. Walberg is joined by appraiser Rafael Eledge, who instructs collectors on how to avoid falling for a fake Confederate belt buckle. Highlights include: an heirloom Kentucky sugar chest; and a pair of boxing gloves signed twice by Muhammad Ali -- once as Cassius Clay in 1963, and again as Muhammad Ali forty years later.moreless
  • Louisville, Hour 1
    Louisville, Hour 1
    Episode 14
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW is in Louisville, Kentucky, birthplace of boxing legend Muhammad Ali and the Muhammad Ali Center, where Mark and appraiser Mike Gutierrez talk about collecting memorabilia of the former World Heavyweight Champion. Highlights include: an early nineteenth-century embroidered silk mourning picture; an heirloom mint julep cup; and original cover art for The Saturday Evening Post.moreless
  • Historic Flags
    Historic Flags
    Episode 13
    An American flag collector shares some of his most prized possessions.
  • Bismark, Hour 3
    Bismark, Hour 3
    Episode 12
    ROADSHOW plants itself in Bismarck, North Dakota, and visits a farm where the main crop is farm-related collectibles. Highlights include: a Victorian convertible bathtub; a valuable Dakota language bible purchased for almost nothing; and a presentation script of the Academy Award-winning 1935 movie "The Informer" signed by director John Ford and cast members, valued at $4,000 to $5,000.moreless
  • Bismark, Hour 2
    Bismark, Hour 2
    Episode 11
    ROADSHOW gets a lesson in school-related antiques in a one-room schoolhouse at the Buckstop Junction historic village restoration. Highlights include: a painting of a Northern Pacific Railroad train that once may have graced a Fargo station; a valuable Civil War photo collection of members of Morgan's Raiders; and a family collection of Univ. of North Dakota pottery, valued at $5,700 to $7,900.moreless
  • Bismark, Hour 1
    Bismark, Hour 1
    Episode 10
    ROADSHOW arrives in Bismarck and explores the Univ. of North Dakota's School of Mines pottery program. Highlights include: a set of samurai swords brought back from Japan in 1898 by a man who fought in the Spanish-American War; late 19th-century journals from a country store near Grand Forks; and a mid-19th-century heirloom Bennington pottery lion valued at $4,000 to $8,000.moreless
  • Los Angeles, Hour 3
    ROADSHOW views Nudie Cohn's collection of vintage rhinestone-studded western-style garb. Highlights: a rare collection of barbershop shaving mugs, bought in the 1930s; a valuable assortment of Anna Richards Brewster paintings; and a collection of original Charles Schulz Peanuts comic strips and artwork, given to the owner as a gift by Schulz, estimated to be worth $150,000 to $200,000.moreless
  • Los Angeles, Hour 2
    ROADSHOW host Mark Walberg and appraiser Rudy Franchi visits the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences library in Hollywood. Highlights: a painting of the French Riviera by 20th-century American artist Louis Aston Knight; a colorful art deco poster collection of Monte Carlo coquettes; and a show-stopping Lalique glass perfume bottle valued at a fragrant $30,000 to $40,000.moreless
  • 6/2/06
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW host Mark Walberg joins appraiser Beth Szescila for a tour of Bayou Bend in Houston, Texas, the extraordinary museum and gardens that once was home to famed philanthropist and antiques collector Ima Hogg. Following in Miss Imas footsteps, modern day collectors arrive at the Reliant Center with impressive finds, including an early nineteenth century box desk made by a renowned supplier to the British royal family; a valuable collection of lithographed orange crate labels; and a 1959 replica of artist Edith Parsons early nineteenth-century Turtle Baby bronze sculpture, valued at $35,000 to $40,000.moreless
  • ANTIQUES ROADSHOW rolls in to Houston, Texas, where host Mark Walberg visits The Beer Can House, a local home adorned with hundreds of beer cans that even boasts curtains, wind chimes, and sculptures made out of cansñto talk with ROADSHOW appraiser Andy Ourant about these collectible containers. At the Reliant Center, appraisers find a rich brew of objects, including a scrimshaw walrus tusk depicting the Almira, Americaís longest-lived whaling ship, a collection of rare, unopened packs of Topps football cards from 1958, featuring such legends as Johnny Unitas and Bart Starr, and a book of Mexican War battlefield illustrations that draws an insurance value of $45,000 to $50,000.moreless
  • Tampa, Hour 3
    Episode 3
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW steps right up to the toys and posters at Sarasota's Ringling Circus Museum. Highlights include: a circa 1750 Philadelphia dressing table; a circa 1900 Tabriz carpet in the style of the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries; and a painting by acclaimed nineteenth-century marine artist James E. Buttersworth that could draw $80,000 to $120,000 at auction.moreless
  • With NASA scheduled to launch three miniature spacecraft at the end of February, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW host Mark Walberg joins appraiser Gary Piattoni at the Houston Space Center for a briefing on NASA collectibles. ROADSHOW appraisers at the Reliant Center encounter a galaxy of objects, including a magical collection of Wedgwood Fairyland Lustreware, a watch that once belonged to Mickey Mantle, and a romantic English Regency rosewood settee that makes the appraiser swoon as he declares an estimated value of $9,500.moreless
  • Tampa, Hour 2
    Episode 2
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW addresses golf collectibles at the Tournament Players Club of Tampa Bay. Highlights include: two pieces of early 20th-century Marblehead pottery; a collection of pre-WWII German and Japanese character canes; and a set of Sioux artifacts, including breastplate decorations and an original copy of the first book printed in Wyoming, with an auction value of $100,000 to $150,000.moreless
  • Tampa, Hour 1
    Episode 1
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW kicks off its 10th Anniversary Season in Tampa, Florida, with new host Mark L. Walberg. Walberg joins appraiser David Rago in Tampa's Ybor City, a historic district once known as the "cigar capital of the world," to learn why there's nothing more satisfying than a good cigar collectible.