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  • Providence, Rhode Island | Hour 1
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW host Mark L. Walberg welcomes viewers to Providence, Rhode Island, where he and appraiser Chris Mitchell head for the Ocean State's storied coastline and onward to Rose Island Lighthouse near Newport for a look at naval collectibles.
  • Atlanta, Georgia | Hour 1
    Surrounded by the spectacular marine life of the Georgia Aquarium, host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser David Lackey examine some 19th-century examples of the shockingly realistic aquatic, amphibious and reptilian-themed plates and vases known as Palissy ware.
  • Special: Big & Little
    Big & Little proves good things come in small -- and gigantic -- packages. In this special edition, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW looks high and low through its archive of appraisals for unusually teeny treasures and outsize objects.
  • Special: Forever Young
    Forever Young is a celebration of objects for the young and the young at heart. As the show's lovingly preserved appraisals prove, it'ss not only toys and teddy bears that capture the spirit of youth.
  • Denver, Colorado | Hour 2
    In Denver, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser Peter Shemonsky visit the unclaimed property office of the Colorado State Treasurer and discover some orphaned gems.
  • Special: Tasty Treasures
    ROADSHOW serves up a cornucopia of appetizing antiques and delectable collectibles for and about eating and drinking in this special edition.
  • Special: Junk in the Trunk
    Just when you thought ANTIQUES ROADSHOW couldn't possibly have more great discoveries to share, comes this special edition. Junk in the Trunk is a new episode of never-before-seen appraisals from ROADSHOW's 2011 season.
  • Special: Unique Antiques
    Unique Antiques showcases some of the most outlandish, kitschy, and downright morbidly fascinating antiques and collectibles of ROADSHOW's last decade. Warning: These objects have been appraised by trained professionals -- don't try this at home!
  • Special: Jackpot!
    Special: Jackpot!
    Episode 75
    ROADSHOW's special Jackpot! rolls the dice on those heady moments when luck smiles on flea market mavens and yard sale savants.
  • Special: Roadshow Remembers
    ROADSHOW lifts the lid on 10 years of treasures with Roadshow Remembers, a special edition designed to test the memory of hardcore fans and kindle the curiosity of newcomers.
  • Special: Relative Riches
    ROADSHOW puts family folklore to the test! From tall tales to tall chests, the special Relative Riches shows the proof is in the provenance.
  • Spokane, Washington | Hour 2
    In Spokane, Washington, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW host Mark L. Walberg joins appraiser Kathleen Bailey at the historic E. J. Roberts mansion to look at examples of a charming Victorian lighting fixture: the fairy lamp.
  • 12/15/08
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW's Trash to Treasure unwraps more than 20 incredible tales of treasures rescued from rubbish heaps, roadsides, dumpsters, and demolition sites.
  • Special: Politically Collect
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW throws its hat in the ring with Special Edition "Politically Collect," a celebration of America's passion for collecting and electing.
  • Washington, DC | Hour 3
    At the Smithsonian Art Museum's Lunder Conservation Lab in Washington, DC, host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser Nancy Druckman carefully examine fragile miniature portraits from the 18th and 19th centuries normally kept in climate-controlled storage at the neighboring Luce Foundation Center.
  • Washington, DC, Hour 2
    At the offices of the U.S. General Services Administration, host Mark L. Walberg interviews Inspector General Brian Miller about the New Deal's WPA program, the tens of thousands of artworks produced under its auspices and the current effort to find some of these lost treasures.
  • Washington, DC, Hour 1
    In Washington, DC, host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser Michael Flanigan visit the Harry S. Truman Building, headquarters of the U.S. State Department and its diplomatic reception rooms, including the Thomas Jefferson State Reception Room, appointed with some of the best Americana of the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • Biloxi, Hour 3
    Biloxi, Hour 3
    Episode 66
    In Biloxi, Mississippi, host Mark L. Walberg joins appraiser Beth Szescila at the Walter Anderson Museum of Art to discuss how the beauty of the southern landscape and its creatures inspired the paintings and prints of this prolific, 20th-century Mississippi native.
  • Biloxi, Hour 2
    Biloxi, Hour 2
    Episode 65
    This episode of Antiques Roadshow takes place with the NASA John C. Stennis Space Center near Biloxi, Mississippi nearby. The host Mark L. Walberg joins the appraiser Noel Barrett as they investigate the world of vintage space toys.
  • Biloxi, Hour 1
    Biloxi, Hour 1
    Episode 64
    In Biloxi, Mississippi, host Mark L. Walberg joins appraiser David Rago for a look at the eccentric pottery of George Ohr, overlooked in his lifetime during the mid-19th and early 20th centuries, but now the celebrated centerpiece of Biloxi's Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art.
  • Billings, Hour 3
    Billings, Hour 3
    Episode 63
    Host Mark L. Walberg meets appraiser Bruce Shackleford at Billing's Yellowstone Art Museum to look at its impressive collection of paintings by Joseph Henry Sharp - famous for his realistic depictions of American Indians. Highlights include a beautifully preserved artillery sword and belt; a sequined flapper dress and gold lame coat; and an heirloom collection of ruby, diamond and jade rings.moreless
  • Billings, Hour 2
    Billings, Hour 2
    Episode 62
    On this episode of Antiques Roadshow set in a Montana Ranch host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser John Sollo explore the works of Thomas Molesworth who was a large figure in the popularization of Western style rustic furnishings. Also appraised in this episode: A Japanese suit of armor from the 19th century, an 1974 Luigi Rossi oil painting and a very unique housewarming gift.moreless
  • Billings, Hour 1
    Billings, Hour 1
    Episode 61
    In this episode of Antiques Roadshow host Mark. L. Walberg and the appraiser Christopher Mitchell go to Little Big Horn National Monument to talk about the weapons that were used in the infamous battle between Native American warriors and LT. Col. George Custer's Seventh Cavalry Regiment.
  • Des Moines, Hour 3
    Des Moines, Hour 3
    Episode 60
    Discoveries are being made at ANTIQUES ROADSHOW in Des Moines, Iowa, where highlights include: a circa 1856 Des Moines city plan; a circa 1838 E.C. Brewster beehive clock; and a circa 1925 round European cut diamond and platinum ring, valued at $60,000 to $80,000.
  • Des Moines, Hour 2
    Des Moines, Hour 2
    Episode 59
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW returns to Des Moines, where highlights include a collection of late 1950s and 60s Lucy M. Lewis Acoma Pueblo pottery; an 1820 Russian Loutkin snuff box inscribed with the imperial arms of the Romanov dynasty; and an extremely rare 1623 Shakespeare First Folio, valued at $40,000 to $50,000.
  • Des Moines, Hour 1
    Des Moines, Hour 1
    Episode 58
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW heads to Des Moines, Iowa where highlights include: a late Victorian 14-karat gold vest chain and fob; a pair of 1963 and 1966 Green Bay Packers signed footballs; and a rare collection of promotional movie memorabilia from Hollywood's Golden Age, valued at $25,000 to $28,000.
  • San Diego, Hour 3
    San Diego, Hour 3
    Episode 58
    Host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser Nicholas Lowry head to San Diego's Allen Airways Flying Museum to see some of the earliest-known posters of mechanical flight. Highlights include "Captain America" co-creator Jack Kirby's collection of comics; a set of Cartier jewelry; and an original "Hortus Eystettensis", the groundbreaking collection of botanical illustrations, valued at $250,000 to $350,000.moreless
  • San Diego, Hour 2
    San Diego, Hour 2
    Episode 57
    Host Mark L. Walberg meets appraiser Rafael Eledge aboard the USS Midway to discuss the evolution of a 19th century sailor's side arm: the cutlass. Highlights include: an 18th century ivory carved creche; a pair of mid-century modern "Barcelona" chairs; and an expertly woven turn of the 19th century Turkmenistan rug, valued at $125,000 to $150,000.moreless
  • San Diego, Hour 1
    San Diego, Hour 1
    Episode 56
    Host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser Marshall Martin head to the world-renowned San Diego Zoo to discuss the appeal of vintage Steiff animals. Highlights include: an original, handwritten draft of the 1933 popular American song "Stormy Weather"; an heirloom circa 1864 Tiffany cameo parure; and a turn-of-the-century aristocratic portrait by Robert Henri, valued at $250,000 to $350,000.moreless
  • Miami Beach, Hour 3
    Miami Beach, Hour 3
    Episode 55
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW host Mark L. Walberg meets appraiser Eric Silver at Miami's Wolfsonian Museum to examine its large collection of World's Fair objects. Highlights include: a rare, Qing Dynasty (early 18th-century) vase; a 1956 Gretsch Chet Atkins Model 6120 guitar; and a charming oil painting by popular Victorian artist John George Brown, valued at $40,000 to $50,000.moreless
  • Miami Beach, Hour 2
    Miami Beach, Hour 2
    Episode 54
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW is in Miami Beach, Florida. Highlights include: an archive of correspondence and photos marking the friendship between a cigar-loving Winston Churchill and the guest's Cuban great aunt and uncle; a stunning 1908 example of New Orlean's Newcomb College pottery; and an heirloom collection of vintage diamond rings and a necklace, estimated to be worth $80,000 to $100,000.moreless
  • Miami Beach, Hour 1
    Miami Beach, Hour 1
    Episode 53
    From Miami Beach, Florida, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW revs up for its 15th anniversary season premiere. Highlights include: a rare 1960 re-release movie poster for the film, "The Wild One," starring Marlon Brando; a George Ohr vase with a secret; and a 1940s mobile by Alexander Calder -- grabbing the number two spot in the list of all-time highest value ROADSHOW appraisals at $400,000 to $1,000,000!moreless
  • Special: Simply the Best
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW's special edition, "Simply the Best," showcases objects deemed the finest examples of their kind ever seen on the series. Highlights include: a pair of circa 1795, Massachusetts-made Federal side chairs; a rare 19th-century Rhode Island rifle and powderhorn; and the "holy grail" of American women's suffrage movement posters valued at $10,000 to $15,000.moreless
  • Special: Naughty or Nice
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW's special edition, "Naughty or Nice," features favorite appraisals from past seasons to satisfy everyone's wish list. Highlights include: a Temperance lithograph illustrating the evils of imbibing spirits; a letter from Gerald Ford to his kindergarten teacher who called him "naughty little Gerry Ford;" and a dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in the film Some Like It Hot.moreless
  • Providence, Hour 3
    Providence, Hour 3
    Episode 50
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser Joyce Jonas visit the Providence Jewelry Museum in nearby Cranston and discover that Providence once was the costume jewelry capital of the world. Highlights include: prints by Rembrandt and Albrecht Durer, and a bronze hood ornament crafted by Harriet Frishmuth valued at $20,000 to $30,000.moreless
  • Providence, Hour 2
    Providence, Hour 2
    Episode 49
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser J. Michael Flanigan dig into vintage kitchen collectibles at the culinary school at Johnson and Wales University. Highlights include: dollhouse furniture made by Providence manufacturer Tynietoy; production puppets from the animated film Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer; and a first edition of Anne of Green Gables valued at $12,000 to $18,000.moreless
  • San Jose, Hour 3
    San Jose, Hour 3
    Episode 47
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser Nicholas Lowry visit Stanford University's Hoover Institution and its huge collection of political posters and discuss the origins of Uncle Sam. Valuable Find: A collection of three Great Basin baskets made in Nevada and given a conservative auction estimate of $60,000 to $75,000.moreless
  • San Jose, Hour 2
    San Jose, Hour 2
    Episode 46
    In San Jose, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser Bruce Shackelford meet up at the historic Fallon House to examine works by prolific Western painter Astley David Middleton Cooper. Valuable find: A painting entitled "The Wet Nurse," by the German genre painter Carl Herpfer, valued at $80,000.
  • San Jose, Hour 1
    San Jose, Hour 1
    Episode 45
    In San Jose, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser Rafael Eledge visit Winchester Mystery House, a bizarre Victorian mansion built by Winchester Rifle heiress Sarah Winchester. Valuable find: A Tlingit bowl and ladle inherited from the guest's great-great-grandfather who procured them on an 1877 trip to Alaska -- valued at $250,000 to $300,000.moreless
  • Phoenix, Hour 3
    Phoenix, Hour 3
    Episode 44
    In Phoenix, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser Natalie Linn visit the Heard Museum to discuss American Indian basketry. Valuable find: a violin made by the Gagliano family in Naples in the early 1800s and a violin bow made in France in the shop of Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume -- the pair estimated to be worth between $72,000 and $94,000.moreless
  • Phoenix, Hour 2
    Phoenix, Hour 2
    Episode 43
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW host Mark L. Walberg visits Phoenix's Desert Botanical Garden with appraiser Don Creswell for a discussion of antique botanical artwork. Highlights include: a 1982 bronze sculpture by Henry Moore; an heirloom amethyst jewelry collection; and a painting by noted modern artist Chuck Close, received by the guest's father as repayment of an $8 loan, valued at $100,000 to $150,000.moreless
  • Phoenix, Hour 1
    Phoenix, Hour 1
    Episode 42
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser Stuart Whitehurst visit the Hall of Flame Fire Museum in Phoenix, Arizona, home to the largest collection of fire fighting materials in North America. Highlights include: a circa 1905 waterproof baby pants advertising display; a 1797 Chippendale marriage chest; and a collection of original Charles Schulz "Peanuts" artwork valued at $350,000.moreless
  • Denver, Hour 3
    Denver, Hour 3
    Episode 41
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW host Mark L. Walberg visits a unique memorial to renowned potter Artus Van Briggle: a building on the Colorado College campus decorated with Van Briggle tiles. Highlights include: two prototype chairs designed by the guest's father when he worked for noted modernist George Nelson; a salesman's sample canoe; and a 1941 Martin guitar valued at $65,000 to $75,000.moreless
  • Denver, Hour 2
    Denver, Hour 2
    Episode 40
    In Denver, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser Peter Shemonsky visit the Unclaimed Property Division of the Colorado State Treasurer and discover some orphaned gems. Highlights include: a Dodger's game-used jersey worn by pitching ace Don Drysdale in 1966; an heirloom seventeenth-century Massachusetts armchair; and an 1817 school girl needlework valued at $50,000 to $70,000.moreless
  • Denver, Hour 1
    Denver, Hour 1
    Episode 39
    Host Mark L. Walberg views a collection of wild-looking Art Deco glassware known as Ruba Rombic at Denver's Kirkland Art Museum. Highlights include: a poster of the famous Wright Flyer airplane; an inscribed first-edition copy of William Faulkner's "Sartoris;" and an heirloom collection of jewelry crafted by "Jeweler to the Stars" Paul Flato valued at $215,000 to $270,000.moreless
  • Baltimore, Hour 3
    Baltimore, Hour 3
    Episode 38
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW visits Geppi's Entertainment Museum, where appraiser Phil Weiss gives host Mark L. Walberg a collector's eye view of comic strip art. Highlights include: a bench crafted by master woodworker George Nakashima; a two-sided painting by B.J.O. Nordfeldt; and a rare 1798 violin and bow worth $140,000 and $20,000 respectively.moreless
  • Baltimore, Hour 2
    Baltimore, Hour 2
    Episode 37
    Host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser Francis Wahlgren beckon Roadshow fans to Baltimore's Edgar Allen Poe House and Museum to learn the tell-tale details that determine the value of Poe's literary works. Highlights include: a World Championship jacket worn by Colt Legend Johnny Unitas; a rare eighteenth-century men's vest; and a painting by impressionist artist W. L. Metcalf valued at $150,000.moreless
  • Baltimore, Hour 1
    Baltimore, Hour 1
    Episode 36
    Outside Baltimore, Maryland, host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser Wes Cowan visit the Ladew Topiary Gardens, searching for unusual cast-iron garden decor. Highlights include: an elegant rock crystal watch; an angelfish pin Mark Twain bestowed on a member of his "Aquarium" group of young female apprentices; and a collection of four rare American Indian artifacts valued at $130,000 to $200,000.moreless
  • Madison, Hour 3
    Madison, Hour 3
    Episode 35
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW visits The House on the Rock, built on and around a chimney rock and filled with antiques and collectibles. Highlights include: a turn-of-the century Japanese bamboo sculpture; the happy marriage of Edwardian natural pearl earrings elongated with Art Deco pendants; and a painting by Thomas Hill, purchased at a church rummage sale for $25 and valued at $60,000 to $80,000.moreless
  • Madison, Hour 2
    Madison, Hour 2
    Episode 34
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW investigates the shocking heist of artifacts from the archives of the Wisconsin Historical Society. Highlights include: photos of the owner's family taken by American photographer Edward Weston; a table by master furniture maker George Nakashima; and a silver, enamel, and turquoise-studded exhibition piece, crafted by Tiffany for the 1893 Columbian Exhibition in Chicago.moreless
  • Madison, Hour 1
    Madison, Hour 1
    Episode 33
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW's visit to Madison, Wisconsin begins with a detour to the Wisconsin Dells to discuss the late nineteenth-century stereoscopic photography of H.H. Bennett. Highlights include: an heirloom Art Deco charm bracelet with a possible connection to John D. Rockefeller; a 1938 Martin D-18 guitar; and an angry 1976 letter from Frank Sinatra to Chicago Daily News columnist Mike Royko.moreless
  • Atlantic City, Hour 3
    Where better for ANTIQUES ROADSHOW host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser Kevin Zavian to dive into the subject of pearls than at Dock's Oyster House in Atlantic City, New Jersey? Highlights include: a fanciful circa 1900 Folk Art sculpture; a 1934 New York Yankees team signed baseball; and an early twentieth-century landscape painting by George Bellows valued at $150,000.moreless
  • Atlantic City, Hour 2
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser Andy Ourant dip into a discussion of the market for swimsuit-clad, early twentieth-century bisque figurines known as bathing beauties. Highlights include: a collection of Enrico Caruso memorabilia; an oil paining by Alberto Pasini; and a pair of heirloom boxwood and ivory figurines that could be worth $400,000.moreless
  • Atlantic City, Hour 1
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW visits the Wheaton Arts Center, where appraiser Arlie Sulka discusses American paperweights and host Mark L. Walberg tries his hand at glass blowing. Highlights include: an inscribed Walt Whitman memoir; a statue by French sculptor Albert Ernest Carrier Belleuse; and an oil painting by Cornelius Krieghoff valued at $200,000 to $350,000.moreless
  • Raleigh, Hour 3
    Raleigh, Hour 3
    Episode 29
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW visits North Carolina's Museum of the Cape Fear to examine some of the weapons made in North Carolina during the Civil War. Highlights include: an archive of items related to Martin Luther King, Jr.'s 1966 visit to Durham; an heirloom Virginia-made table, purported to have ties to Thomas Jefferson; and chairs made by New England furniture maker John Gaines.moreless
  • Raleigh, Hour 2
    Raleigh, Hour 2
    Episode 28
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser J. Michael Flanigan visit the North Carolina Museum of History to look at the work of Thomas Day, a free man of color who became the most famous North Carolina furniture maker of the nineteenth century. Highlights include: a circa 1800 bottle case on stand; a needlework sampler; and an Andrew Wyeth watercolor valued at $450,000.moreless
  • Raleigh, Hour 1
    Raleigh, Hour 1
    Episode 27
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW's 2010 season kicks off from Raleigh, North Carolina, with a look at vintage whirligigs with appraiser Ken Farmer. Highlights include: a 1920 Arts and Crafts desk and lamp; a rare Gibson Double 12 Electric Guitar; and a set of Chinese Quianlong Period carved jade objects whose auction estimate of $710,000 to $1,070,000 makes it the highest value appraisal in Roadshow history.moreless
  • Spokane, Hour 3
    Spokane, Hour 3
    Episode 26
    Host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser Bill Mercer visit the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture and its collection of beaded bags, crafted by Indian tribes of the Columbia River region. Highlights include: a circa 1900 Louis XIV-style French clock; a beautifully-preserved nineteenth-century Heriz rug; and a desk and chair used at the United States House of Representatives from 1857 to 1873.moreless
  • San Antonio, Hour 2
    San Antonio, Hour 2
    Episode 23
    Host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser Beth Szescila visit the Witte Museum's collection of horn furniture, a German craft popularized in nineteenth-century America by Texas maker Wenzel Friedrich. Highlights include: a controversial silver statue of St. Catherine; an heirloom needlepoint sampler; and a massive desk and bookcase, made in the mid-nineteenth-century German-Texan tradition.moreless
  • San Antonio, Hour 1
    San Antonio, Hour 1
    Episode 22
    Host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser Christopher Mitchell visit the venerable Buckhorn Saloon and Museum for a discussion of antique colt pistols. Highlights include: a valuable Chinese Tang Dynasty pottery horse; an unusually large Teco vase from Terra Cotta, Illinois; and a collection of rare, early World Series programs, including one for the 1905 World Series, estimated to be worth $12,800.moreless
  • Houston, Hour 3
    Houston, Hour 3
    Episode 08.09.09
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW host Mark Walberg joins appraiser Gary Piattoni at the Houston Space Center for a briefing on NASA collectibles. Highlights: a rare pen and ink drawing by legendary Mexican muralist Diego Rivera; a magical collection of Wedgwood Fairyland lustreware; and a romantic English Regency rosewood settee with an estimated value of $9,500.moreless
  • Houston, Hour 2
    Houston, Hour 2
    Episode 20
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW host Mark Walberg joins appraiser Beth Sczesila for a tour of Bayou Bend, once home to famed Houston philanthropist and antiques collector Ima Hogg. Highlights: a watch that once belonged to Mickey Mantle; a valuable collection of lithographed orange crate labels; and a 1959 replica of artist Edith Parsons circa 1920 Turtle Baby bronze sculpture, valued at $35,000 to $40,000.moreless
  • Houston, Hour 1
    Houston, Hour 1
    Episode 19
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW rolls in to Houston, Texas, where host Mark Walberg visits The Beer Can House, a local home adorned with hundreds of beer cans that even boasts curtains, wind chimes, and sculptures made out of cansñto talk with ROADSHOW appraiser Andy Ourant about these collectible containers. At the Reliant Center, appraisers find a rich brew of objects, including a scrimshaw walrus tusk depicting the Almira, Americaís longest-lived whaling ship, a collection of rare, unopened packs of Topps football cards from 1958, featuring such legends as Johnny Unitas and Bart Starr, and a book of Mexican War battlefield illustrations that draws an insurance value of $45,000 to $50,000.moreless
  • Hartford, Hour 3
    Hartford, Hour 3
    Episode 18
    In Hartford, Connecticut, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW finds a sign of the times -- actually a whole collection of antique inn and tavern signs -- at the Connecticut Historical Society. Appraisal highlights include a signed watercolor by Katharine Hepburn, who gifted the owner with the piece when the actress was performing at the American Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford, valued at $15,000 to $20,000.moreless
  • Hartford, Hour 2
    Hartford, Hour 2
    Episode 17
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW's visit to Hartford includes a stop at the American Clock and Watch Museum in Bristol, Connecticut, to look at timepieces that reflect Connecticut's rich history of clock manufacturing. Appraisal highlights include a custom-made table purchased 40 years ago from George Nakashima and a highly-prized bronze statue of a medieval Russian warrior valued at $120,000 to $130,000.moreless
  • Hartford, Hour 1
    Hartford, Hour 1
    Episode 16
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW arrives in Hartford, Connecticut, then ventures to Mystic Seaport for a glimpse of America's maritime heritage expressed in the Seaports collection of rare paintings. Appraisal highlights include a 1963 poster for a Joan Baez/Bob Dylan concert at New Haven Arena and a collection of two hundred-year-old Wedgwood pottery buttons valued at $1,500 to $2,000 for the set.moreless
  • Grand Rapids, Hour 3
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW's stop in Grand Rapids includes a detour to the Holland Museum in Holland, Michigan -- and a nod to Western Michigan's Dutch roots -- for a look at Delft tiles through the centuries. Appraisal highlights include a pair of prop spears used in the 1939 classic film "The Wizard of Oz," estimated to be worth $30,000.moreless
  • Grand Rapids, Hour 2
    Appraisal highlights: a unique quilt made of fabric scraps signed by 200 celebrities and dignitaries, including Gerald Ford, Neil Armstrong and Lucille Ball; a turn-of-the-century cold-air return cover made by the Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company; and a collection of wooden fish decoys by renowned Michigan master carver Oscar Peterson, valued at $14,000.moreless
  • Grand Rapids, Hour 1
    Antiques Roadshow drives to the Gilmore Car Museum near Grand Rapids, Michigan, for a look at their collection of more than 1500 hood ornaments or "mascots." Appraisal highlights include a letter from Grand Rapids native son, Gerald Ford and an 1881 painting by noted Hudson River School artist Jasper Cropsey, valued at $300,000.moreless
  • Chattanooga, Hour 3
    Chattanooga, Hour 3
    Episode 12
    A stroll across Chattanooga's Walnut Street bridge -- one of the longest pedestrian bridges in the world -- introduces Roadshow's discussion of carved, wooden folk-art walking canes. Appraisal highlights: an heirloom 18th-century Chippendale tall chest; an "8-ball" presented to Harry Truman in 1948 by the L.A. Press Club; and a pristine Lionel train set, ca. 1930, valued at $2,500 to $3,000.moreless
  • Chattanooga, Hour 2
    Chattanooga, Hour 2
    Episode 11
    Chattanooga's AT&T Field -- home of the Chattanooga Lookouts baseball team -- is the backdrop for Roadshow's look at collecting minor league baseball memorabilia. Appraisal highlights: a 19th-century military over-the-shoulder saxophone; an heirloom Confederate soldier's sword; and a collection of movie marketing memorabilia from the 1920s to the 1980s, valued at $10,000 to $15,000.moreless
  • Chattanooga, Hour 1
    Chattanooga, Hour 1
    Episode 10
    Re-enactors fire a mid-19th-century cannon at the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park to punctuate a discussion of collecting antique artillery. Discoveries include: an 1826 Tennessee hunting horn; a Regency cellarette once owned by poet Lord Byron; and an heirloom necklace whose centerpiece is a five-carat diamond, valued at $250,000.
  • Wichita, Hour 3
    Wichita, Hour 3
    Episode 9
    ANTIQUES ROADSHOW and host Mark L. Walberg glide into airplane industry hub Wichita, Kansas, where eagle-eyed experts spot some unusual finds.
  • Wichita, Hour 2
    Wichita, Hour 2
    Episode 8
    Antiques Roadshow and host Mark L. Walberg glide into airplane industry hub Wichita, Kansas, where eagle-eyed experts spot some unusual finds. Items include Cracker Jack baseball cards, a Russian Mennonite dower chest, and a John Emms oil painting.
  • Wichita, Hour 1
    Wichita, Hour 1
    Episode 7
    Antiques Roadshow and host Mark L. Walberg glide into airplane industry hub Wichita, Kansas, where eagle-eyed experts spot some unusual finds.
  • Dallas, Texas Hour 3
    Antiques Roadshow and host Mark L. Walberg ride into Dallas, Texas, where everything is larger than life. Items include: Billy Haines dining table, Guy Wiggins oil painting, and an Italian chair.
  • Dallas, Texas Hour 2
    Antiques Roadshow and host Mark L. Walberg ride into Dallas, Texas, where everything is larger than life. Items include a Meissen Nodder, Miniature Hebrew Bible, and a John F. Kennedy campaign poster.
  • Dallas, Texas Hour 1
    Antiques Roadshow and host Mark L. Walberg ride into Dallas, Texas, where everything is larger than life. Items include: Cleveland Cycles poster, Beggs steam train set, and a Knoll international chair.
  • Palm Springs, Hour 3
    Antiques Roadshow, with host Mark L. Walberg, opened its lucky 13th season in Palm Springs, California, with a mix of great good fortune and an equally staggering loss. Items include: Jackie Robinson & Roy Campanella signed photograph, Sheldon Peck portrait, and a Karabagh rug.
  • Palm Springs, Hour 2
    Antiques Roadshow with host Mark L. Walberg, opened its lucky 13th season in Palm Springs, California, with a mix of great good fortune and an equally staggering loss. Items include: Watling "Totem" slot machine, Tiffany Studios hanging shade, and a Thomas Virgin Hill painting.
  • Palm Springs, Hour 1
    Antiques Roadshow, with host Mark L. Walberg, opened its lucky 13th season in Palm Springs, California, with a mix of great good fortune and an equally staggering loss. Items include Jumeau Bebe Doll, Elvis Presley collection, and a jewelry set.