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Season 22 : Episode 12

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Episode Guide

  • RAF Marham 2
    RAF Marham 2
    Episode 25
    This is the second episode from RAF Marham, Norfolk, where the experts uncover more hidden treasures.
  • Scarborough Grand Spa Hall 2
    Fiona Bruce and the experts return to the Scarborough Spa Pavilion for another busy day.
  • Cheltenham Town Hall 2
    Fiona Bruce and the experts make a return visit to Cheltenham Town Hall. Featured family treasures include a valuable silver fruit bowl damaged when thrown in a domestic tiff, relics of Captain Scott's last expedition to the South Pole and a humble house brick with an important story.
  • Cheltenham Town Hall
    From Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, England: Experts appraise Japanese porcelain, a 17th-century embroidery box and a musician's letters.
  • Newstead Abbey
    Newstead Abbey
    Episode 17
    Finds in Newstead Abbey include a collection of royal relics and a Victorian dog collar.
  • Chatham Historic Dockyard 2
    Conclusion. Antiques and collectibles are reviewed at England's Chatham Historic Dockyard.
  • Chatham Historic Dockyard
    Part 1 of 2. Antiques and collectibles are reviewed at England's Chatham Historic Dockyard.
  • Cawdor Castle
    Cawdor Castle
    Episode 14
    Fiona Bruce and the team head to the north of Scotland for a busy day in the grounds of Cawdor Castle near Inverness. Objects under scrutiny include original artwork given in payment for hairdresser's bills, the best bargain buy dolls ever seen on the show, and an early 18th-century travelling chest that may once have been owned by Queen Anne.moreless
  • Stowe House
    Stowe House
    Episode 13
    Fiona Bruce and the team travel to the newly restored Stowe House in Buckinghamshire, once one of the grandest houses in the country. Experts uncover treasures amongst the family heirlooms, including a 16th-century print that could be worth tens of thousands of pounds, evidence of one of the earliest Beatles concerts arranged by a schoolboy, and there is a big surprise for one of the team as he is shown a rare piece of furniture made by an important artist.moreless
  • Fountains Abbey
    Fountains Abbey
    Episode 12
    Fiona Bruce and the team travel to Fountains Abbey near Ripon in Yorkshire. Amidst the ruins, thousands of visitors bring their precious treasures for appraisal by the experts. Objects of interest include a set of Inuit carvings given to the owner in payment for dental treatment in the Arctic, and a 17th-century gold ring found in a stream that narrowly escaped being melted down. Plus, an elegant Viennese glass catches an expert's eye - a poignant family reminder of a grandfather who died in a concentration camp.moreless
  • 2012 Christmas Special
    Fiona Bruce looks back on another vintage year for the Antiques Roadshow. As experts choose their favourite finds, there are updates on what has happened to the objects since they first appeared. Some have gone on to be sold, whilst others have been loaned for exhibitions in the UK and even abroad, as a British flag captured by the Japanese during the fall of Singapore in World War Two is returned. It is not just the antiques, however, that make compelling watching; we meet again some of the colourful characters to guest on the show, including another meeting with the twelve year-old collector of early lawnmowers as he unwraps a special donated gift waiting under the Christmas tree.moreless
  • Wightwick Manor
    Wightwick Manor
    Episode 10
    Cricketer Ted Dexter is among the crowd of collectors in Wolverhampton, as our top experts assess German parachute silk from WWII and a piece of early English glass.
  • Aberystwyth University
    Items include a painting; a Poole Pottery collection; and a kimono.
  • Falmouth National Maritime Museum 2
    Conclusion. Collectibles are appraised at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall in England.
  • Falmouth National Maritime Museum
    Part 1 of 2. Collectibles are appraised at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall in England.
  • Farnborough
    Episode 6
    Fiona Bruce and the team take a rare opportunity to set up for a Roadshow inside the Farnborough wind tunnels, the site of important aeronautical research in the 20th century. It is an ideal base for this Remembrance Sunday edition, with objects under discussion ranging from some of the earliest designs for a flying machine to a poignant story of a sailor lost during the Battle of the Bismarck Sea. There is also a remarkable letter written from the trenches in World War One, witnessing the famous Christmas football match between British and German troops.moreless
  • Scarborough Grand Spa Hall
    Fiona Bruce and the experts arrive on the North Yorkshire coast at Scarborough for another day sifting through family treasures. Objects brought before the cameras include a moving carved tribute to a Spitfire pilot who was killed in action, and one of the earliest forms of fridge. Plus there is a big surprise in store for the young owner of a Fijian war club, known as a buli buli.moreless
  • St Andrews University
    A lesson in collectibles at St Andrews University as our learned experts take a look over a bowl owned by Bonnie Prince Charlie and some early Chinese vases.
  • Port Sunlight 2
    Port Sunlight 2
    Episode 3
    Items include rare advertising signs; a religious painting; part of an Apollo spaceship; and Asian ceramic pieces.
  • Port Sunlight
    Port Sunlight
    Episode 2
    Fiona Bruce and the team visit Port Sunlight on the Wirral for another busy day of valuations. Treasures under scrutiny include a portrait of Shakespeare discovered beneath another painting, a model of Buckingham Palace made from thousands of matchsticks, and one of the most exciting pieces of jewellery seen on the show.moreless
  • RAF Marham
    RAF Marham
    Episode 1
    Fiona Bruce and the experts visit an active air base at Marham in Norfolk.