Any Day Now

Season 1 Episode 6

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Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 29, 1998 on Lifetime



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    • (James is preparing Rene for the march)
      James: And if somebody spits on you and calls you a nigger, what do you do?
      Young Rene: Keep marching and ask God to bless them.

    • Young M.E.: If what they say's true and God's everywhere, then that means He's even in the dirt under my fingernails.
      Young Rene: And in the smoke from your cigarette.
      Young M.E.: It feels like he's always watching me.
      Young Rene: Like when you steal cigarettes from the store.
      Young M.E.: And it means He's also watching us when we go to the bathroom!
      (both laugh)

    • Young Rene: They had us all in one cell, it was fifty kids and a metal toilet in the corner.
      Young M.E.: Did they give you bread and water?
      Young Rene: No, but when my Daddy came to get me he brought a candy bar, a Chunky.
      Young M.E.: Weren't you scared?
      Young Rene: No, there was this one little girl in a white dress and she cried and said "I want my momma, I want to go home". But I wasn't afraid, we were there for a good cause.

    • M.E.: Rene Jackson, I swear if you ever try to leave Birmingham again, I'll tie you down with my clothesline.

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