Any Day Now

Lifetime (ended 2002)


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  • Any Day Now is one of those rare shows that actually looks and feels like real life. The characters are fully formed and flawed. All of the elements of AND fit perfectly; the flashbacks, the storylines, the relationships the characters share.

    Any Day Now is one of the most moving shows I have ever seen. At first glance this is just a show about a biracial friendship, but upon closer inspection, it is much more. One of the best aspects of the show is the flashbacks from M.E. and Rene's childhood. This sets the scene perfectly to see how the girls, the area they live in, and all of those around them have matured and changed (or not) over the years. It is also to impress upon the viewers just how unpredictable the future is. One of the best storylines of the show is the teenage pregnancy of M.E.'s daughter. After many years, M.E. is forced to watch her daughter make the same mistakes she made as a young woman and she is powerless to prevent it. Here is some of Annie Potts best acting ever. In every episode you can see her anguish and pain and helplessness seeping out. As a character, she is completely formed and could be a real person in any one of our lives. Perhaps that is what is best about this show, it's real. It's not pretty. It's not sappy. But it's not overdramatic either. It's everyday life, the good, the bad, and everything in between. And that makes for the best show of all.