Any Day Now

Lifetime (ended 2002)


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  • A show that shows color dosent matter in friendships

    This is a fabulous show it stars Annie Potts(M.E) and Lorraine Toussaint (Rene) They are child hood best friends who reunited in their adult life. It was hard for them being friends as children because M.E was white, and Rene was Black growing up in the south. Despite what most people thought they were the best of friends which wasn’t always easy when they were growing up in the 60’s. The show is set in what was then the present time 90’s however does have flashback from when they were growing up. That many times would tie into things that were going on in the present. The show tackled racial issues extremely well, and didn’t just focus on black and white all the time. They even got into homosexuals, Native Americans other prejudices. The show did extremely well for the four years it was on, it could have probably gone a few years longer, but Annie Potts wanted to do other things as well as spend more time with her family.

    It also dealt with each women’s family. M.E her husband and 2 children. Her daughter Kelly became impregnated by her black boyfriend. Her son Davis thought about becoming a Priest. Rene often took care of her mother and dealt with her man problems. Despite their differences, they always managed to be there for each other which is what being a friend is all about.