Any Dream Will Do

Season 1 Episode 2

Joseph School

Aired Unknown Apr 07, 2007 on BBC

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  • To be honest this show is not great but okay to watch in the background.

    This episode was okay, not absoloutely great. This week the hopeful's enter Joeseph School. The news comes through that 2 boys that were rejected at callbacks are now coming to the joesph school, last week they went to lord andrew loyd webber and he gave them another chance. To make it through Joesph school they are going to need commitment and talent. The competition is fierce, they are all fighting to stand out. They all wear Joseph t-shirts. They are set the task of walking like Joseph but most of them fail to impress. The judges are concerned as the dancing and acting skills aren't impressing them. Bill leaves on a busiess trip, on his way he rings Lord Andrew because he is very worried about the Jeosph's. He heads over to the Joeseph school and gives them a pep talk and introduces the most successful Joesph yet:- Jason Donavon. They practice - Any Dream Will Do, the mood lifts. After some more singing practice the Lord leaves, but not before telling them half will leave that afternoon. They practice for their evaluation with Jason that day. The mood is becoming increasinly tense as the reharsals aren't going too well. Matthew has a confidence problem and Zoe trys to help him get over it before the day's crucail performance. He eventually decides he isnt Joseph and leaves the competition. In the evaluation the pressure is on. In the end half do have to leave, and they do. The next morning 28 are left and 8 will be leaving that day. The boys are depressed as the long wait for the next elemination ensues. Some stay, Some go. At the end there is a shock elemanation by Lord Andrew. The judges can't decide between two of the boys so Lord Andrew does. There is one final task however, they are flown to Ireland with Lord Andrew's castle. There is a thearter at the bottom of his castle and Lord Andrew invites the whole village round to his castle thearter. They practice all day, before the thearter performance. There's a suprise visit from Lord Andrew 3 hours before they perform on his stage. Andrew lets the audience decide who will stay. The next day the panel decide, not, before 7 will sing again. Emotions Run high as 8 are told 'you're not joseph' and 12 are told 'you could be joseph' Tune in next week... for Any Dream Will Do Episode 3 and y net reiew where the competition will get even tougher than ever xD I typed this review as watching the show xD
    Next on Any Dream Will Do Its the live final
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