Any Dream Will Do

BBC Premiered Mar 31, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • Wildly Uneven Variety Entertainment in the Guise of a Reality Competition

    Mind you, I am watching this regularly, but the quality of the performances is wildly uneven. The concept is that Lord Andrew Lloyd Weber is searching for a 21st Century Joseph for his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat musical. The reality is that the eventual winner (this is being telecast in the US more than two years after it originally aired in the UK) was already employed in an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical from the get-go! Anyone who can Google knows the outcome, so the suspense is gone. Unfortunately, along the way, some very talented people are disgarded in favor of younger, prettier(!?), yet less accomplished performers. Song choice is not up to the potential Josephs, so they often have to make awful pop arrangements work to their advantage. From the initial auditions, it was clear who the eventual Joseph should be - Lee just outshone everyone at every stage.

    The judges panel is hysterical - in fact, the winning Joseph married one of the judges just a few weeks ago. Now, that's a prize not even American Idol can offer!

    The choreography and backup dancers (The Josephines) are cruise ship quality at best.

    I watch for the occasional amazing performance, presenter Graham Norton and the discomforting look on Lord Andrew's face when he has to choose who is next to go.

    I'm hoping they come up with a companion show to find a new Jesus for the Superstar tour that Ted Neely's been headlining for the past 30 years.
  • Joseph or Grease, Joseph or Grease?

    That is the big question for saturday nights for the past few weeks. I have been torn between whether to watch Any Dream Will Do or Grease Is The Word. IMO, Any Dream has a better host, better judges and the contestants are brilliant!! However Grease is the better musical and i enjoy seeing couples sing together.

    So, the final verdict was to flick between the two. I watch Joseph and flick to Grease when it shows what they have been upto.

    Next week is the finale for both shows, and you can guarantee that they will be on at the same time. So again Joseph or Grease, Joseph or Grease?
  • Brilliant family entertainment

    Picture the scene. You come in at eight o'clock on a Saturday night and are looking for something to watch. You start to flick through channels - what's this? A load of cute guys that are singing and dancing to try and win not only a place as a leading man on the West End, but also the publics hearts? "Any Dream Will Do" is this show. With an array of talent competing and an all-star judge panel (including stars such as John Barrowman, Denise van Outen and of course, the legend that is Andrew Lloyd Webber) what more do you want? Stop flicking through the channels; BBC1 is where you want to be on a Saturday night for some brilliant family entertainment.
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