Anything but Love

ABC (ended 1992)


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  • That Rare Sit-Com

    "Anything But Love", I fell in love with that show from the start. The combination of Jamie Lee Curtis and Richard Lewis was magical. The late Richard Frank added just the right touch with his gift for one-liners and his ability to just steal the scene with ease. The one thing that made me enjoy it as much as I did was that it was one of the few shows on at that time that credited the audience with intelligence. Every episode had one line that wasn't cookie cutter, that required a certain amount of knowledge of history, current events or culture to get it. Which sit-com then or even now would refer to a woman as looking like "the first runner-up in the Nina Khrushchev look-alike contest"? How many today have even HEARD of either Nina Khrushchev or her husband, Nikita Khrushchev? It was not always pandering to the basic and the common that set this show apart from the others. I still miss it.
  • They did it too soon!

    Oh how I loved this show. It seemed to stumble a bit in its first six episode spring run. But in season 2 with a new supporting cast I really thought it found its way. Jamie Lee Curtis got a new sidekick in Holly Fulger. They worked really well together. Ann Magnuson's Catherine was kind of a witch, but an honest to a fault so you couldn't help but love her. Joseph Maher's character, while not really all that important, rounded out a great cast. It was only a matter of time before Marty and Hannah got together. I really didn't expect the show to return for a third season, so season two's final episode would have been a perfect conclusion to the series. But it did return, Hannah and Marty got together and the show lost something. Bruce Weitz was added, and while a great actor, didn't bring much to the show. Still, this was a well-done show and I have a couple of episodes on tape and they still make me smile.