Anything but Love

ABC (ended 1992)


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  • They did it too soon!

    Oh how I loved this show. It seemed to stumble a bit in its first six episode spring run. But in season 2 with a new supporting cast I really thought it found its way. Jamie Lee Curtis got a new sidekick in Holly Fulger. They worked really well together. Ann Magnuson's Catherine was kind of a witch, but an honest to a fault so you couldn't help but love her. Joseph Maher's character, while not really all that important, rounded out a great cast. It was only a matter of time before Marty and Hannah got together. I really didn't expect the show to return for a third season, so season two's final episode would have been a perfect conclusion to the series. But it did return, Hannah and Marty got together and the show lost something. Bruce Weitz was added, and while a great actor, didn't bring much to the show. Still, this was a well-done show and I have a couple of episodes on tape and they still make me smile.
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