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AIRED ON 12/18/2008

Season 1 : Episode 6

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Father Jacob, played by Martin Shaw, is caught up in a sinister battle between good and evil. His priestly duties are turned on their head when he begins exorcising demons in an attempt to save the world.
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  • apparitions

    where is season 2 loved it watched it 2 times consectively. want much more

  • ahhhhh. really?

    this shit pissed me off how are they gonna buold up what seemed to be an epic battale jkust to let it sizzle out in a pathetic poof of nothing what a joke!!!!!! really i waitsed six hours of my life watching this for that ending... Actually i enjoyed the show except for the end maybe they can bring it back with the excorcisim of the cardinal priest who was againsst jacob the entire time!moreless
  • I love watching this so much

    Will they make any more Episodes.. are there any more, please let me know. I already saw all 6 and I was glued to the tv.
  • The multi-faceted and extremely talented Martin Shaw does it again with his excellent portrayal as Father Jacob, a somewhat reluctant exorcist who bites off more than he can chew in this wonderful UK drama.moreless

    Father Jacob is a Catholic priest, getting on in years and having quite a few problems with the church hierarchy. When several people begin acting strangely and it is believed that the cause is demonic possession, the good father becomes embroiled in the rites of exorcism, encouraged by the chief exorcist who wants Father Jacob to succeed him in his role after his own death, which he believes is imminent. Father Jacob is extremely reticent about the idea but circumstances overwhelm him as more as more troubled and possessed people come into his life.

    Eventually, aided by a reluctant nun, who clearly dislikes him, Father Jacob accepts that what he is being asked to do is what God wants from him, and so begins his journey into the darkness.

    This excellent should not be missed by anyone who enjoys brilliant acting, a fast-paced script and the odd terryfying encounter with the forces of evil.moreless
  • Handsomely produced religious hokum.

    When I first heard about this show, the description seemed to promise a more modern approach to the age old church beliefs in miracles and demon possession. But it turned out to be the same old nonsense. Epic manichean struggle between God and Satan with people caught in the middle: it's a show that re-affirms for its audience the kind of hogwash that paranoid, delusional religious nutters have been freaking out about since the dark ages. Apparitions is well-acted and the production values are high, so if medieval hocus pocus in the modern age doesn't irritate you as much as it irritates me, then this is the show for you.moreless

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