Season 1 Episode 2

Episode Two

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 2008 on BBC

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  • Having exorcised young Donna's father and finding out exactly how Vimal died, Father Jacob knows that he has to find the killer before the police do as he believes a possessed man cannot be guilty of murder.

    After young Donna's father, Liam, has been exorcised and finally accepts that he was possessed, he agrees to help Father Jacob track down the man who killed Vimal so that he can exorcise him before more lives are lost. The police are also very keen to find the killer but are, as expected, less than impressed when Father Jacob states that he believes the killer was not in control of his actions because of demonic possession.

    Meanwhile, the somewhat acid-tongued Sister Anne, (Michelle Joseph)Father Jacob's assistant, dies in the bathroom of cyanide poisoning which was placed in the shower head. When a bible made of human skin is found and it's clear that the skin is that of young Vimal, a connection between the Nazis and the concentration camps is clear. When speaking to Monsignor Vincenzo, the Chief Exorcist, Father Jacob is stunned to find that the holy man was in a concentration camp himself and made a pact with Satan to secure his safety and his future. It also becomes obvious that he is still very much on the side of evil and that he killed Sister Anne.

    Father Jacob has no choice but to frame his old friend and mentor for the murder of Vimal as well as that of Sister Anne so that he can be held safely behind bars but he warns Jacob that worse is to come for him.

    When Michael is finally tracked down and given sanctuary in the seminary, Father Jacob believes that now that he has exorcised him, he is safe, but this is not the case and Sister Ruth, (Siobhan Finneran) Sister Anne's replacement, is instructed by the powers that be in Rome to keep a very close eye on Father Jacob. Another terrific episode, the only problem is that the Italian cast members have very heavily accented English and are hard to understand, and when the 'demons' speak in foreign languages, the writing is small and goes by quickly so following the story proves a little difficult at times even though it's still terrific!