Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season 4 Episode 10

Bart Oates

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Dec 03, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Bart Oates

    The Good:

    -Master Shake and Meatwad get a DUI in Carl's car.

    -"...Did you come here to kill me?"

    -Bart Oates thinks he and Carl have to kill an actress that was in 'The Terminator.'

  • Former NFL New York Giants player Bart Oates gives advice to Carl about being a better person and improving his life

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". It was a hilarious with no disturbing or violent images. The only violent image was when Frylock was picking Carl's brain but even that scene wasn't that bad and it didn't bug me at all. It was awesome that this cartoon got Bart Oates to guest star in this episode as himself. Bart Oates (who is a former NFL New York Giants player) gives Carl advice on how to be a better person and how to improve his life. Bart Oates gives advice to Carl about exercising and teaches Carl how to control his anger. It was hilarious when Carl was very happy that Bart Oates was injured. Meatwad and Shake being in prison was very funny. It was hilarious when Carl was drowning Frylock in his pool when he got angry at him about Carl's car until Bart Oates told Carl to be nice to his neighbors and Carl listens. It was very funny when Carl went to the cemetery to apologize to Bart Oates. It was hilarious when Bart Oates was actually just a robot (Terminator robot... I think). The ending was hilarious when Frylock was picking Carl's brain and found a pellet inside his brain and it was revealed that Bart Oates told Shake to shoot the pellet on Carl's head. Overall, a hilarious episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". 10/10
  • The best Aqua Teen ever.

    It's a sign of how good a show Aqua Teen Hunger Force is that Carl, the "fourth Aqua Teen", can not only carry an episode, but make the funniest episode ever. This episode is so good, that it has made Carl my favorite character. He's haunted by the ghost of Giants center Bart Oates, who helps Carl become a better person, and carry out other deeds. Bart Oates must be a really cool guy because he's really funny, and he goes along with this episode's bizarre story. Countless lines from this episode have crept into my everyday speech, and I've become a better human being since I've seen it.
  • Just like the earlier season episodes, perfect in every way.

    I must start by saying the ATHF is my favorite show of all time. Every episode in season 1-4 is a gem I have watch many times each.

    When Season 5 started (very late) I was ecstatic only to end up watching the \'Dicksode\' and almost throwing up in disgust. I guess they wanted to flex their \'M\' rating to its full potential and ended up making, not only the worst ATHF, but one of the worst shows I have ever seen all the way through. Many other episodes were equally disgusting. Call me old fashioned but I find implying lewdness much more funny then blatant. \"Hand Banana\" could have been a very good episode if not for the constant use of the word \'Rape\' in my opinion, and MS masturbating at the end of the episode only further detracted. Global Grilling and Party all the Time seemed like week episodes, and probably were, but because of the horrible start to the season seemed to further the thought that my favorite show was dead or dieing.

    But no longer. With the episode \"Bart Oates\" not only is the humor much more pre-fifth season and the language used in moderation, but its funny as hell! It even competes with the best episodes of all the seasons. I can only hope that the Dicksode is out of the creators systems and they can continue to make real beauties like these.

    Also as a side note, this is my favorite incarnation of The Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future.
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