Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season 4 Episode 2

Boost Mobile

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Dec 11, 2005 on Adult Swim

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  • Boost Mobile

    The Good:

    -"...You're into this; you're black! You sound black. Where are you from?"

    -"You sound thinner; did you lose weight?"

    -The Boost Mobile phones have downloadable switchblades.

    The Bad:

    -Most of the jokes in the episode seem way too repetitive.
  • Shake sells himself and gets a gigantic boost mobile

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". The plot was thought out very well and it was had of funny scenes all the way. Good job for coming up with such an enjoyable story writers. Well, writers... you're stories for this cartoon has always been enjoyable and always stays strong, it's not perfect sometimes but who ever said that a show can have every perfect episode. I thought it was funny when Meatwad was drying his hair and Frylock says that Meatwad doesn't have any hair and then Meatwad cries. It was very funny that Shake was selling himself and got a gigantic boost mobile. Carl's cameo appearance in this episode was very funny. It was very funny when Meatwad told Frylock "I want to learn how to milk a cow" and they go on a far journey just for Frylock to teach Meatwad how to milk a cow. It was very funny that Meatwad, Frylock, and Shake (with his boost mobile) is going through Hell to get to the cow. The very ending was hilarious when a bunch of boost mobiles were attacking Shake. The ending was also funny when the "AXE" body spray came. Overall, an excellent episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". 10/10
  • Where you at dawg? Shake sells himself, Frylock and Meatwad to the Boost Mobile phone company and gets an enormous Boost Mobile phone, later he gets attacked by a bunch of cell phones.

    This episode is awsome! This is one of my favorite episodes.
    It is also very adventurous, the Aqua Teens travel through
    highways, cliffs and end up 3,000 miles below the Earths surface. I enjoy the way this episode is rated TV-PG, they haven't done that since "Kidney Car". It is a very nice episode, I think everyone can agree with that statement. It is a classic, total classic! The first time I saw this episode, it made me laugh immediatly. I like the part when Meatwad cries because Frylock told him that he doesn't have any hair. This episode was awsome.
  • where you at?

    this episode funny i can't belive how huge that phone was. and the bill i can't remember how much it was but big bill. and the guy who kept calling shake, i didn't pay much attention so i don't remember exactly everything that happened in this episode.

    shake rules. shake rules. shake rules. shake rules shake rules. sheke rules. shake rules. shake rules. shake rules. all hail master shake. shake rules. shake rules. shake rules shake rules. shake rulers. shake rules. shake rules. shake rules. all hail master shake. shake rules. shake rules. shake rules. shake rules. shake rules. hail the anorable master shake
  • Once again Shake has gotten himself into a mess by trying to gain the respect of todays urban youth. It really captures the MTV cramming-their-propaganda-down-your-throat generation. The interation between Shake and Carl is the best. A must watch!

    Shake lands a deal with Boost Mobile and has this huge Boost mobile phone following him around. However as with most big deals come caveats: The \'Boost Phone\' must have maximum camera air time! Several calls from Killer Mike portaying Michael Render bring this into light. Following the existing Boost Mobile commercials its clear this really isn\'t shamless self-promotion for ATHF but a mockery of Boost Mobile\'s advertising and marketing tactics. Eventually Frylock gets tired of it and Shake heads on outside to harass Carl.
    Shake once again uses his hip urban language and \'underground-esque\' hip hop beats to try and sucker Carl into the Boost Mobile frenzy. The interaction between the two is priceless!
  • Very fun time. Fun sponsor tie-in.

    to all the haters. This is a fun episode.

    We have the whole attitude against corporate tie-ins and the obvious discovery of this by Frylock (just like all of us).

    Downloadable switchblades, "where you at Dogg" Parody of the crappy Boost commercials.

    Its all good.

    and Really, what do you expect from ATHF? Shakespeare? This show is meant for college kids too drunk or high to identify with other mainstream shows.
  • i like how we can do this stuff on our boost mobile

    most people don\\\'t know that we can do that on here i didn\\\'t even know that but i really thinks a go ideal that great that we can do that i think u should put it more places were people can see it if u do that a lot of people will join too !
  • A $2600 power bill?

    This entire episode seemed like a really long ad for Boost Mobile. Shake seems like he's always getting himself into something dumb, and gets a $2600 power bill just from phone calls from his cell phone. Not to mention how Shake always has to attract attention to himself. Just another pointless funny episode and exactly why I like this series so much. A lot of obvious advertising in this episode. This was a strong start for a new season, and so was the first episode of the season. Hopefully all the new episodes in Aqua Teen Hunger Force will be as good as this one.
  • This show is sooo funny...

    This show is sooo funny...
    At first when I first started to watch it, I couldn't figure out why a meat ball, fries and a milk shake were talking but I turned to love the meat ball! That voice that they use is sooo funny! I can't say enought about it.
  • One of the silliest episodes they've ever done.

    This episode was amazing. Since it aired me and my m8s have been greeting each other with "Where you at?" ever since.

    An excellent piss-take of the Boost-mobile ad campaign that would also make money for the show too.

    I'm usually opposed to advertising in shows but not when it's done like this. It was brilliant.

    One of my favourite ATHF episodes.
  • The gang takes part in getting Boost Mobile cell phones.

    A $2600 power bill?
    The whole episode almost sounds like a long commercial for boost mobile (well more like an infomercial, information that you get in a commercial), but in Shake’s world I guess that’s how ever thing would be like. Shake’s his normal self trying to be the center of attention. Great episode good script writing too, it’s why I love the series so much. There are a lot of good lines in this episode, many more funny ones. Second episode of the season and it is off to another strong start. Hope the rest of the season is as good as these first two episodes.
  • Another good episode, but nothing spectacular.

    I found the product placement a bit strange, but I think it was moreso a parody than a sell-out. While the use of a real product (boost mobile) is atypical for ATHF, it may have been a 'two birds with one stone' philosophy. They can write a parody of product placement, while actually placing a product for advertising dollars.
  • While some see this as "selling out" to me, this is an example of a clever way to make fun of stupid advertising, while making a buck or two. If a company would give you money to make fun of them, wouldn't you do it?

    This episode is a small step back from the opener "Dirtfoot" which clearly showed the show is back on track, but despite the step back it's a pretty funny episode. The fact that Shake was "selling out" goes back to the core of his character: trying to fit in by being cool, trying to get money with minimal work, and making a fool of himself throughout the whole process. Shake acts in his "I'm about me" attitude (as he mentioned in "Dirtfoot") and he reminds us all why we love him. As a character, not the gay way (see "Dirtfoot").
  • Very funny take on Boost Mobile's Ad campaign

    While not a series classic, this episode and last weeks episode "Dirtfoot" have been a return to form for the Aqua Teens after a marginally dissapointing third season. This ep. has alot of funny references to the Boost Mobile ads that featured Kanye West, Ludacris, and The Game among others. Of course, some will say the show is selling out (even frylock says it to shake) because Boost obviously is paying them to advertise their product. But that's just B.S. every show has to advertise in some way whether it be by commercials or product placement, and they chose to do it in a creative and funny way
  • A Fine parody, with excessive product placement.

    This entire episode was a jab at boost mobile's ubiquitous ad campaign, "where you at?", shown constantly on all the major networks (including cartoon network). Whether its Shake innocently asking Frylock "You're black, right?," clearly a jab at boost's afro-centric ad campaign, or Shake starting almost every line in the episode with "where you at, dog?" , or even a posse of giant boost mobile phones with switchblades, the episode is consistantly on point and hilarious.

    When I read "Kilorat's" review, I had to marvel at how he somehow managed to miss the entire point of the episode. "None of this was even a parody, it's a sad day for ATHF." ahahahahahaha, dude, just stop writing reviews right now. The hollywood film critic industry just isnt right for you. Whereas I am a well known literary giant in this field. I rule you!
  • They sold out.

    At first I thought Boost Mobile was some made up thing, but if you go to they are a real mobile phone provider and the entire episode is them pushing the product. And at the end they have a Axe deoderent stick character.
    None of this was even a parody, it\'s a sad day for ATHF.