Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season 9 Episode 2

Chicken and Beans

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jul 01, 2012 on Cartoon Network

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  • Bland

    Meatwad's projectile vomiting while singing his song "Chicken and Beans" makes him famous. Will he ever return back home? As much as I love this show, I didn't enjoy this episode to be honest and it's probably been the most terrible episode of ATHF since "Fry Legs" and I gave that episode the same score as I gave this episode which was a 2.5. The idea of Meatwad's projectile vomiting was just very gross and pointless... I mean I guess it has potential to be something decent but things turn for the worse here. The only parts in this episode that did make me laugh was Meatwad singing his song "Chicken and Beans" to Carl in the very beginning of the episode, Meatwad's line to Frylock "I'm everywhere b***, everywhere!!!", Meatwad singing his song on "Lopez Tonight" (the George Lopez talk show that TBS sadly canceled) was a little funny as well. Other than those two funny parts and one kinda funny moment, this episode was just terrible. I thought Shake was getting annoying just booing at Meatwad and telling him "you suck" when Meatwad was getting nervous on stage. The episode as a whole was not only pointless but it bored me a whole bunch. I'll admit, "Fry Legs" is SLIGHTLY worse to watch than this episode but still, I just didn't like this episode for the most part and it was just "bland". Overall, it's okay if you enjoy this episode and I'm a fan of this show just NOT a fan of this episode and don't plan on re-watching it most definitely... with this being the 2nd episode of Season 9, it's already BY FAR the worst in my opinion... just a terrible episode of "Aqua Something You Know Whatever". 2.5/10
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