Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season 4 Episode 7

Global Grilling

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Nov 12, 2006 on Adult Swim



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    • Master Shake: Who here knows Spanish?!
      Meatwad: Carl may! His hair is dark!

    • Shake: Frylock! Use your fries! Use them!
      Frylock: That's what i'm trying to do.
      Shake: Oh...well I couldn't see that from here.

    • Frylock: We need to call the landlord. Meatwad: He may be gone, I wouldn't go out there. Frlyock: And why not? Meatwad: Watch this. (Meatwad throws pan outside and watches as it explodes)

    • Frylock: Damn it Shake, I told him not to mess with that damn thermostat.
      Shake: How do I get this to be cold? I keep pressing it and pressing it and pressing it and it won't get cold now.
      Frylock: ...242 degrees?! Man that's insane!
      Shake: That's what i've been saying for the last hour and a half while you've been dreaming of Jeannie.

    • Carl: You grillin'?
      Shake: No, i'm curing Cancer. Yes, we're grilling.

    • Frylock: Shake... you left that grill on, didn't you?
      Shake: Uh, no.
      Frylock: Well then why is it on?!
      Shake: I don't know! It's in "Self-Cleaning" mode.
      Frylock: No, I think it's in "Create a hole in the O-Zone" mode, Shake! Someone needs to go out there, now! (Short pause) And look who I'm lookin' at!

    • Carl: Yeah, I'll eat it. Give it to me.
      Master Shake: Carl! What in the hell are you doing on our property again?
      Carl: Oh, I just came to see why my doorknob's covered with snot. Then I saw you, and I connected the two.
      Meatwad: Hey Carl, how do you like your tube steak?
      Carl: Oh, I like to park it in some whore! Yeahh!!
      Meatwad: ...okay, lemme see if I got one of them.
      Carl: Ahhh, you set me up on that, it was too easy.

    • Master Shake: Dammit! Who took my sunblock?! SPF 60 for fair skin?!
      Frylock: There ain't enough SPF in the world to protect you from this.
      Meatwad: We got all that cream cheese we won at the fair. Can you tan through that?
      Master Shake: It's worth a shot..
      Meatwad: And it may be the only shot we have.
      (Meatwad and Shake tan with cream cheese; Frylock glares at them)
      Frylock: (Pissed off) Or we could just shut the *&%$-ing grill off!

    • Master Shake: Feel that cool water... So soothing!
      Meatwad: Feel that polar bear.. up here.. chewing on my head.
      Frylock: Oh my God! This is a melted polar cap!
      Master Shake: No, polar caps are traditionally cold. And this is..this is startin' to get hot!
      Frylock: We've got to get to that grill!

    • Carl: No, no no!! My father's amateur porno! I love you Dad! And all those money shots!

    • Meatwad: Y'all suck. I wish superman was here. I'd say, "Hey Superman! You mow the lawn while you here?" And he'd be like, "Yeah, I'm Superman. I know how to work the mower.

    • Master Shake: That's why you gotta eat your boogers. Before the mucuszoids take over! That's the message I'm spreading to America. Our future's at stake! And its in your nose! You must eat your boogers America...for the sake of your grandchildren's lives!

    • Shake Carl don't give up on me, you need to lick this toilet seat.
      Carl Naw, i'm immune to those germs.

    • Frylock You bought a grill with a nuclear core?
      Shake Dur! Thats why it was illegal

    • Shake: Dudes, check this out!
      Meatwad: Awe yeah, we grillin' tonight!
      Shake: Here's whats different about this my friends, it uses acual pieces of the sun, combined with some radioactive vials from chernobyl, and I know this is intersting also to the ladies out there, it uses heat to cook burgers, steak, chicken, no problem. And best of all, its not even supposed to be inside this country!

    • Master Shake: That a George Foreman grill?
      Frylock: Uh, no. George Washington.
      Shake: Couldn't afford the real one, huh?
      Frylock: Oh, and like you can?
      Shake: Shut—you shut your mouth.

    • Carl: Are those clouds on fire?

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  • Allusions

    • I Dream of Jeannie

      Shake: "...while you've been dreamin' of Jeannie."

      He is referring to a television series called I Dream of Jeannie.

    • Chernobyl Disaster

      The grill's name is "Char-nobyl" this reffers to the nuclear disaster in the city of Chernobyl that was also mentioned by Master Shake to have supplied radioactive vials for the grill.