Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season 4 Episode 8

Grim Reaper Gutters

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Nov 19, 2006 on Adult Swim

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  • Grim Reaper Gutters

    The Good:

    -Meatwad makes Frylock a shirt out of pubic hair.

    -"Carl would really appreciate that shirt." "How could you tell if he had it on?"

    -Tara has a tattoo of a Unicorn and Keebler Elf having sex.

    -Meatwad, for no reason, commits suicide.

    The Bad:

    -This is partially a clip show, but it's done in the style of "ATHF."
  • Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad were talking about the good ol' times until Dan the Grim Reaper salesman interrupted them


    I thought that this was a superb episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". It's could've been improved a little more towards the end of the episode but it was enjoyable and I liked it for the most part. Not my favorite episode but I would say that it wasn't bad at all. I (MOSTLY) loved the plot in this episode. It was very funny when Shake and Meatwad are just quiet and try to talk each other about something interesting. Shake and Meatwad going back to the good ol' times was very funny. It was very funny when Shake thought Frylock was lying when Frylock said that he always saved Shake and Meatwad's life. The flashbacks with Frylock saving Shake and Meatwad's life was hilarious especially when Shake said that Frylock altered the video. Meatwad making some hair shirt was also funny. I don't think I laughed at anymore after that. Dan the Grim Reaper salesman interrupted the guys and he won't leave until he makes a sale with them. It was very funny when Dan (Grim Reaper salesman) killed Carl just by poking him. The only thing I didn't like was two things... that woman coming out of nowhere and Meatwad shooting himself at the end of the episode. WTH? Why did Meatwad shoot himself... it didn't make any sense at all. Overall, a superb episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". 9/10

  • mediocre episode, but awesome ending

    most of this episode was fairly boring because the villian didnt come until the end. there were some funny parts such as meatwad making a shirt out of pubes =O the flashback with all the times that frylock saved shake and meatwad was interesting too, but not much happened until the near the end where the grim reaper appeared. although, the best part of the episode was how it ended. when meatwad took out the gun and threatened everyone but then killed himself. it shocked me and blew me away. one of the best endings ever so this episode gets a 9/10.
  • 9/10

    First of all, when I review, I usually just say what happened in the episode. From now on, my reviews will be my opinion like a normal review.

    This episode is kind of weird. It's a flashback episode, but the flashbacks haven't even happened in the show. Kind of like deleted scenes or something.

    Anyway, I thought some parts were really funny, but other parts weren't. Like for example, the part where Shake said, "I'm gonna go away for a bit, till all this bill business clears out" (three times). I thought that was funny. But at the end, where they invite that porn star over, to get Carl to come over, so he would buy gutters. I didn't find that all that funny.

    I like the idea of this episode. It's the first Aqua Teen Hunger Force flashback episode.

    Humor - 9/10
    Plot - 8/10
    Originality - 9.5/10
  • The grim reeper..

    This episode starts out like any other episode Shake picking on Meat wod. Shake pulls out a bow that has flaing arrows and shake say made u flinch. Meat wode laughs. Then they go on saying u saved whose ass and what not then Fry lock comes in the room. He say that he remembers that he was the one that saves all there asses. Shake gets pissed, so he says prove it and then Fry lock puts in a video of him savin all there asses. After the video was over Meat says wow even comes with a rock theme song. Then Fry lock calls Carl over so he comes over but there is a Grim reeper that sells gutiers and want leave leave you alone until he gets a sell. Carl gets mad and says he doesnt want to buy no god damn gutiers so then the Grim reeper touches Carl and kills him. Then Fry lock ends up buying a gutier system to make the reeper leave.
  • The boys reminisce about the \"good ol times\" and then get Carl killed when he tries to come over to their house and meet Tera Patrick.

    This episode started great with Shake threatening to shoot Meatwad with a crossbow. The boys flashback to previous events and engage in classic dialogue. It cracked me up when meatwad gave frylock the T-shirt made entirely of pubic hair and said, \"thats right, I want you wash this with the rest of your clothes.\" But the episode quickly loses momentum and the storyline gets too rediculous, even for ATHF. How could the writers of this episode have \"crapped out\" when they have a pornstar on \"all fours\" sucking down corndogs. I only recently jumped on the ATHF bandwagon, but it seems to me that, after watching all of season three and other random episodes, the writing for this season has changed dramatically and for the worse.
  • A flashback episode that gets tedious and makes you feel like the series is ending with a drag. (Spoilers!!)

    I have been looking foward to the new season for a LONG time, and so far I have yet found an episode that has made me say to myself, I will go and buy the DVD just for this. This episode contains a whole bunch of clips showing the personality of the charecters, which we all seem to know already. The unresponsible Shake, the oblivious Meatwad, and the super-cool genius Frylock. Lately, I think that Frylock has been somewhat stupid, but still his personality remains that same. After some boring clips, we get to the next half of the episode, where this pornstar is hanging out at the Aqua Teens house randomly. Carl comes over, and gets killed by the Grim Reaper Gutter Salesman, which was hysterical. I would have much rather the episode be just about that Grim, with the pornstar was a supporting guest star. Suddenly, out of no where, Meatwad shoots himself with a gun, which ends the episode suddenly like normal, but that was just added to be weird and funny, which it wasn't.