Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season 4 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Oct 29, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Handbanana

    The Good:

    -Handbanana takes advantage of Carl; it's both disturbing and darkly funny to a point never explored on this show.

    -"Someone delivered some baked goods. How did he know I love baked goods?!"

    -"All I know is 'Ball' and 'Good...' and 'Rape.'"

    -Master Shake and Meatwad play a knitting video game.

    -Spaghetti the dog wears flip-flops.

    -Master Shake is aroused by the dogs having their way with Carl.
  • There\'s noting funny about \"sodomy\", and \"Hand Bannana\" proves just that.

    This episode is disturbing to watch, I don\'t see what\'s so funny about anal ,sure we like to see Carl abused but this is going overboard,this is easily the worst ATHF episode ever and Between \"PDA\" and \"THe Cubing\" this is easily worst than both. Why? Because it reminds you of that sick ass \"Sex in the country\" TV Funhouse beastality segment on SNL when Tom Green hosted way back in 2000.
  • Meatwad makes his own dog named "Handbanana" but then Handbanana turns evil and tries to rape Carl

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". It was kinda creepy and weird because Meatwad's dog "Handbanana" tries to rape Carl. This episode has a TV-14 rating but I wouldn't recommend younger viewers watching this because it deals with a dog trying to rape Carl and you see Carl's hairy butt. It was very funny when Meatwad used the "Make Your Own Dog 1.0" to make his own dog by using Carl's pool. Frylock and Meatwad use Carl's pool to make Meatwad's dog and it worked. It was also very funny that Meatwad named the dog "Handbanana" but then "Handbanana" turns evil and wants to rape Carl. Handbanana tells Carl "Tonight... you" as in he is going to rape him tonight. As weird as it was, it was hilarious when Handbanana was raping Carl. Most of the rape scenes are off-screen and I think only one or two rape scenes are on-screen but it's not that bad for teenagers and if it was that bad, this episode would've gotten a TV-MA rating if that was the case. The ending was hilarious when Carl made his own dog named "Spaghetti" to rape "Handbanana" but they both end up raping Carl. My score was a little low because Handbanana wanting to rape Carl was kinda creepy to me. Overall, an excellent episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". 9.5/10
  • Tonight... you!

    Handbanana is one of Aqua Teen Hunger Force´s most accomplished episodes (not their best though, the #1 spot is still reserved for The Broodwich). Delirious as always, this story introduces Handbanana, a dog made from Shake´s DNA with an unhealthy attraction towards Carl.
    And then... rape.
    Sodomy wouldn´t ordinarily be a fun subject, but when you see a yellow dog chasing after a half naked Carl, you can´t help but laughing. And since this happens quite often, Handbanana adds up to 11 minutes of nothing but laughing.
    Even though I loved this episode, I´ll have to admit it is not for everyone. Can it be offensive? Absolutely. Maybe a little disgusting? Carl´s naked butt always is. But it is still a creative premise that follows the Aqua Teen´s logic, where two plus two is not necessarily four.
    It can be ball.
    Or good.
    Or rape.
  • Are you kidding me? This is the funniest thing that has ever been presented in any medium anywhere in the history of Earth!!!!!

    I just think about the bizarre yellow dog made from the DNA of Shake's hand, saying "" to Carl in a very menacing but hushed brutish tone and I go insane with laughter. The kind of mind that could conceive of this whole scenario has got to be the most devolved comedic genius sort. Granted the whole male on male rape thing is a bit disturbing, but quite often the best comedy involves victimhood, i.e. slapstick, etc. I find myself laughing out loud at random moments during the day when the thought of the little cartoon dog having his way with the thuggish New Jerseyite enters my mind.
  • The Aqua Teens' genetically create a dog that rapes Carl. A lot.

    There is no funnier, more imaginative or more inspired episode this season than Handbanana. The genius involved in the creation of this episode is unrivaled. Episodes like this that up the creativity levels to maximum insanity (episodes like Broodwich, eDork) generally have the most replay value and the most plentiful laughs. On that note, these 11 minutes are the funniest you're likely to ever see, and can only be surpassed by another ATHF, though that has yet to happen. The voice-acting in this show is always extraordinary, and it really shines here. Handbanana, a dog genetically created from the DNA of Shake's hand, is a riot. His first line, "", after mind-linking with and subsequently choosing Carl, sets the tone perfectly, and things just get funnier from there. The smallest moments are some of the most inspired, from the video game Shake and Meatwad play ("Knit 1, Pearl 2")to "Frylock's" phone conversation with Carl ("So, uh...what are you wearin'? Uhp, here comes Frylock."). The wheels of hellacious lunacy are constantly turning throughout the episode, finally coalescing into Carl's creation of Spaghetti, a dog that looks and sounds, well, like Carl. And of course, Handbanana and Spaghetti gang-raping Carl while Shake watches and gets his jollies (presumably masturbating makes you wonder with the whole hand-dog-rape angle),is a great ending. Perfect, even. It takes damn good writing and at least a little bit of intelligence to make rape funny, and Willis and Maiellaro pull it off in spades to make what may very well be the greatest Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode of all time.
  • Carl gets raped what else do i have to say

    this episode is above average. it has to be i meen come on carl is raped by a dog that is funny. the episode is funny from the beggining when meatwad wants a dog so they make one in carls pool, after adding radio active waste in it in which carl swims in it later. while the dog is being made shakes splashes carl putting his gloves DNA in the pool. the dog looks like a glove meatwad thinks he is cute and names him handbannana. when the dog gets out carl can hear it and it lets carl know he is going to rape him carl laughs gets raped several times lol
  • Rape - funny? Only in an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

    This show has hits and misses and never sustains the comedy. But, then again that would make it another average cartoon. Moments like the creation of Handbanana are utter genius, let alone the surreal dialogue between Carl and the 'dog'? Of course this episodes greatness rests on the one terrifying joke of a dog raping you, but then again this delivers that joke in style. Handbanana is a classic character, and i don't think I have ever found the topic of a mutant dog raping you as funny or ever will. Then again I've never really imagined that scenario. Only in Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Unsettling, hillarious and imaginative.
  • 9.5/10

    Another good episode. Really funny.

    Meatwad wants a dog, so Frylock helps him clone one in Carl's pool. Shake gets jealous and tells Carl what they're doing. Carl goes outside and see's them cloning a dog and yells at them. All they need is DNA to complete the dog. Shake sticks his hand in the water and the dog is done. The dog looks exactly like Shakes hand. The dog says "tonight, you" to Carl. Carl gets freaked out, but no one else hears the dog. Later that night, Carl get raped by the dog. Carl is goes over and complains to Frylock. Carl decided to make his own dog for the other dog to rape. He makes the dog with his DNA. Then both the dogs rape Carl.
  • This episode made me laugh my butt off!!

    This episode started with Frylock and Meatwad looking at Make A Dog 1.0 because Meatwad wanted to have his own dog.So then they went and set up a processing chamber in their neighbor Carls pool.Then they didn't have any DNA to put in the pool to make their dog then the machine started making a dog,they looked over at Shake and he was splashing in the pool.So when they pulled the dig out it looked exactly like Shakes hand so Meatwad called it Handbanana.Once Handbanana saw Carl he told it was him tonight.Then during the course of thye episode Carl keeps getting raped by Handbanana until Carl makes his own dog to rape Handbanana but it doesn't work out for him.
  • Hand-Bannana rulls

    Meat-wod want a pet dog so he went to ask Fry-lock so gets a kit to make one. They went to go make it in Carls pool but Shake told on them and they only thing that they needed was DNA to finish the Dog. Shake stuck his hand into the pool and they got DNA off of Shaked hand which looks like a bannana. The cage rises out of the pool and there is a dog that look like shakes hand. Meat-wod called it handed-bannana and right it jumped out it said to Carl "u tonight". No one else heard it say that to Carl so he thought it was nothing. They go to there house and handed-bannana sneacks over to Carls house and Carl tells is to leave and then bends over to get his remote then handed-bannana started to rape Carl. Carl goes over and tells wat happened and then chokes on the wacky glue that he filled every hole in his body and bannana starts giving him himrick monewver on him and thinks he is being raped again and leaves. Bannana call over to Carls and is acting to be Fry-lock and says he is getting rid of bannana so there is nothing to worry about. Then Carl goes out side and pulls his pants down to get a tane and bannana rapes him again so Carl makes his own pet to rape bannana. His name is spegetti and he started to raped with handed bannana.
  • The Aqua Teens decide to make Meatwad a dog in Carl's pool using some unorthodox technology.

    Frylock just so happens to have a program to create a dog for Meatwad but they need a gigantic vat of radioactive waste, so they walk on over and ask Carl if they can use his disgusting, unkempt pool. Carl, like usual, says no but that doesn't stop the Hunger Force. Everything needed for the creation process is ready except that they need to add DNA to the mix to finish the dog. Shake comes by with Carl, who is anything but happy about the use of his pool, and without warning sticks his hand in the pool and splashes around. After bringing the dog to life, Meatwad thinks long and hard to come up with the affectionate name of Hand Banana. Even though Hand Banana is Meatwad dog, apparently he's looking for love in all the wrong places, like Carl's ass! Carl seems to be the only one that hears him talk and he's also the only one that Hand Banana decides to sexually assault. A couple more forced advances by Hand Banana and Carl begins to sound amazingly paranoid and psychotic.

    By the end of the episode, Carl gets fed up and decides to make his own dog to protect him from Hand Banana and get some revenge on the repeat offender. Carl's plan backfires and his defender turns into another unwanted pest.
  • There is everything funny about sodomy, and this episode proves that there is a limitless potential for jokes and absurdity dealing with said subject.

    Ah... I think Handbanana is one of my new favorite characters, I hope he appears later in the series because he really added a lot of zazz to this episode. It started innocently enough, with Meatwad wanting a dog and Frylock wanting to play God, hence, a dog is born within Carl's pool. This particular dog, which looks exactly like an anthropomorphic hand of Master Shake, is appropriately named Handbanana by Meatwad. Handbanana proceeds to mind link with Carl and utters the now immortal phrase: "Tonight... you." This episode was great on so many levels, there was a lot of intrigue and unspoken romance between Handbanana and Carl's anus. And the baked goods, what a courteous dog! Though Handbanana may have been a violent interspecies rapist, he is, in my opinion, one of the most cultured characters to ever grace the show. Carl eventually got fed up with all the rape he was experiencing, and set out to create another dog which would give 'banana a taste of his own medicine. His name? The Enforcer... or Spaghetti. That Spaghetti guy, well, don't even get me started on him. "I got your father right here, I got your daddy!" Yes, and I do believe Shake thought the whole wild escapade to be quite erotic. In summary, watch this episode, it's lewd, funny, and I wrote this review mainly to counter that other guy's negative review, because he wouldn't know funny if it poked him in the bum.
  • Williams Street has not strayed from brillance.

    Ahh.. Finally an non Japanese cartoon back on Cartoon Network. Adult Swim can only grow more in popularity with fresh new episodes of this cult hit. I have been a loyal follower of this show since it began. At first, I thought this is something great to watch while I am wasted, but it has become more. Yeah, having a buzz, the show seems to make more sense, but watching it sober, you can remember what the hell you saw the night before and tell others who have not seen it to check it out. Frylock is still the genius, Master Shake is still crazy, and Meatwad is still as childish as ever. Carl reminds me of meeting someone's creepy molester Uncle, cuz everyone has one of those in their family. I figured in the Hand Banana episode, Carl would have liked getting taken advantage of, but hey it was a weird balloon looking thing. I look for more of the Mooninites in future episodes and hopefully Cup (that's what Carl calls MasterShake sometimes), will come up with more straight out of left field ideas to keep me laughing into the next day. If you haven't seen this, quit watching that Japanimation crap and check out true Americana humor.
  • Good Episode

    Now this is what I'm talkin' about. A much better episode than the last one. In short, Meatwad wants a pet dog so Frylock uses a program to make him one using Carl's pool to make him in. Well, you just know something bad is gonna happen especally when Master Shake gets involved. Shake accidently (or not) puts his hand in the pool just as the dog is coming together and what comes out is a dog that looks like Shakes hand. Now the dog behaves just like a normal dog exept for one has the hots for Carl. It tells Carl (he's the only one who can hear him) that he's going to 'get' him which he does...several times. Poor Carl. He always seems to get it in the end (pun intended).
  • "All I know is ball, good dog and RAPE"

    Shocking just shocking. The episode starts out with Meatwad wanting a dog so Frylock decides to make him one using Carl's pool and some software. Masta Shake accidentally donates some DNA from his hand and the dog is made. Meatwad names the dog Hand Banana since it looks exactly like Shake's hand. The dog speaks to Carl and only Carl can hear him and says "Tonight, You". This hilarious turn means that the dog is planning on raping Carl, which he does, several times. The episode was funny, silly, shocking and fantastic. Aqua Teen writers must have been given the go ahead to be more like South Park because the first 2 episodes of this season have been very risque'
  • Shake! No!

    I missed the very start of this show thanks to Cartoon Network's messed up scheduling of the 15 minute shows. Really messes with my DVR> Same thing happens to Robot Chicken.

    But I did see most of the episode. Classic ATHF. Similar to the cloning episode.

    Plot: Frylock buys Meatwad a computer program and then turns Carl's pool into a soup that can create a dog-like pet for Meatwad. Carl finds the trio hard at work on the pool, when shake accidentally dips his hand into the pool and out pops a weird yellow creature that barks like a dog. Meatwad names it "Hand Banana". Hand Banana develops an affection for Carl that doesn't end well.

    It was far better than the Dickesode. Better jokes, better delivery, and mind-drainingly silly. 10 out of 10.
  • Deliciously Disturbing! >:}>

    When Frylock tries to make a perfect pet for Meatwad, you know that there's going to be a whole lot of trouble going on. Mainly for Carl, who once again seems to be on the receiving end of a lot of pain and humiliation. Frylock learns the importance of always reading the instruction manual before you try to do something as Master Shake comes along and sort of causes Frylock's well crafted plans to go awry. Nevertheless, Master Shake's antics have indeed resulted with Meatwad getting a dog and since the dog looks like a hand & has the color of a banana, Meatwad fittingly calls his new dog Hand Banana! Unfortunatly, it seems that Banana Hand has a dirty mind as the dog just won't stop getting jiggy with it all over Carl! Carl once again proves his true stupidity in this episode. First he falls for Hand Banana's disguised voice trick to make Carl think Frylock would ever care about Carl's concerns, which of course Frylock wouldn't ever do. Than Carl is practically asking to have something bad happen to him as he idiotically decides to get a tan where the sun shouldn't shine! Carl tries to even up the score by creating his own dog! It'd see, unfortunatly that created dogs are like a one trick pony as Carl's created dog starts to get jiggy with Carl to! Kudos to Cartoon Network, for providing another show I can add to my favorites! Enough said, true believers! :D
  • YOU...Tonight...

    I could not stop laughing and of course there is no other place to create Handbanana but in Carl's pool (which he never uses anyway). I can really do without Carl's sudden urge to sunbathe outside his house, I pray a I will never see Carl's fuzzy moon again. However the little yellow perverted dog is always a welcome addition, if they will ever bring him back. Hopefully Frylock will continue to read all of the warnings first before a second attempt. Episodes like this is why I will always be a fan of Aqua Teen. I wished I created them!
  • Top shelf.

    I thought this episode was really funny. Frylock makes a dog for Meatwad and it rapes Carl. The best part is when Carl makes a dog to rape Hand Banana that looks and talks like Carl. Also, Shake has a line about how Hand Banana has brought their family together which is a totally bizarre thing for him to say.
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