Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season 4 Episode 6

Party All the Time

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Nov 05, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Both funny and emotional

    This is just like Family Guy and South Park. Both of these shows have some episodes that are both funny and somewhat sad. But I loved it!
  • Party All the Time

    The Good:

    -The guitarist instructional video calls Master Shake a dick after he rewinds it several times.

    -Meatwad says his Doctor is Olivia Newton-John, then sings "Physical."

    -During chemotherapy, Frylock loses fries.

    -"Party All the Time" is melodrama, "Aqua Teen" style.
  • Frylock has cancer

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". It was funny but kinda serious at the same time. I think this is the first episode where ATHF shows its kind of serious side. Anyways, it was funny yet pretty serious at the same time which was good to me. Frylock discovers that he has cancer and Shake, Meatwad, and Carl do everything they can to try to help him. The beginning of this episode was very funny when Shake was learning how to play the electric guitar and then we discover that Meatwad is awesome at the electric guitar. Shake getting stung by the bees was funny. It was funny when Shake swallowed a scorpion and choked. Andrew W.K.'s appearance in this episode was the highlight of this episode and it was absolutely hilarious. Frylock goes to the doctor and the doctor tells Frylock that he has cancer so all Frylock needs to do is just rest in his bed. Shake, Meatwad, and Carl throw Frylock a party where Andrew W.K. shows up (as I mentioned right now about his appearance) and performs a song for Frylock but Frylock was not in the mood. My score was a little low because the ending was pretty cruddy and kinda stupid. Overall, it was a funny episode but it was also good to see ATHF's kinda serious side in this episode as well. 9.5/10
  • Aaaaaargh! It\\\'s just not right! It\\\'s just not right! BAAAAAAAAAAAD!

    I am a huge ATHF fan, and watch and quote the show beyond what would be considered by most to be entering the threshold of unhealthiness. Ive enjoyed all of the other 67 episodes thoroughly, yes, even hypno-germ. This is because Im used to the randomness of the show, (but make no mistake, Its nothing like the **** incoherent randomness of 12 oz. mouse). Back to the main argument, if you create a show about talking french-fries that shoots laser beams out of his eyes, dont give him cancer. Giving frylock cancer is not an entertaining fatality, the disemboewlment of Carl by a toilet, on the other hand, is the stuff I watch the show for. This was an abomination, and I gave no mercy with the score.
  • Horrendous...

    The summary says it all. This episode was horrific. Doesn't make me think less of the series though, every show has its bad episodes. This is definitely one of the worst though. Ugh, do I really need to write one hundred words on how bad this episode really was?
  • A funny episode.

    This episode was like one of the funniest episodes that were made.I loved it how Andrew W.K was rocking out and he kept rocking everytime he sang that big song.I loved it how Shake tried to blow up the sun and he died with his hand cutted off.I loved it when Shake destroyed their house and Shake did something stupid again.I loved it when the dream where those aliens attacked the doctor and it was a very funny moment.This episode is one of the funniest episodes ever on the funny list of funny episodes made by Aqua Teen Hungerforce ever.
  • Frylock builds a time machine only to find out that he has cancer. As the characters all mourn Frylock's medical condition, Shake dies multiple times.

    This episode actually made me laugh out loud multiple times. Carl, Meatwad, and Shake's affection for Frylock in the middle was funnier than the Broodwich episode. Although cancer is a serious disease, ATHF has a funny way of putting it. I( give it three thumbs up. And the end expresses the major randomness that this show is known for. I only started to watch this because of that. When Shake went to go out and search the bees nest, that was funny. I actually laughed at that. I think that this show beats Family Guy by a long run. lol (gotta get that out of my system)
  • While it's funnier than Hypo Germ, and maybe Carol, this episode was just below average even for an Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode.

    Shake getting hurt and dying twice in this episode were the funniest bits, along with a few other jokes that weren't as funny but still offers a laugh, like the Get Well A$$ Hole sign, but this episode is boring.

    Why, because when Frylock gets cancer, the tone of the episode changes from funny to mostly depressing. Meatwad, Shake, and Carol were funny, but not that much though, and they seem out of character since they wanted Frylock to get well. What, get well, since when did Shake and Carol ever care about Frylock?

    Just when you thought Frylock was back to normal, it turns out to be a dream sequence. Yeah, that was weird, and the ending to this episode just ended with not really knowing what happened towards the end. Did Frylock die of cancer or did he get well? We'll never know because this episode doesn't explain anything about it.

    This was not a totally bad episode by any means, but it was one of the worst episodes along with Hypo Germ and Carol. Lets hope future episodes will be less depressing and funnier than this.
  • 7.5/10

    I don't really like this episode. Frylock gets cancer and he gets really sad.

    This episode is way to serious. When I i want to watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force, I expect to laugh, not cry (I didn't actually cry). This episode wasn't funny at all. The only funny part was the party song. Other then that, the episode sucked. I'm disappointed with this episode. And it was hard to follow at the end. Frylock has a dream or something about seeing the doctor. Then he actually sees the doctor. (If you've seen this episode you'll know what I mean) Anyways, at the end, it turns out Frylock didn't even have cancer. It was just not "ATHF", if you know what I mean. It didn't have enough Meatwad in it!

    Humor - 6/10
    Plot - 7/10
    Originality - 9/10
  • Depressing.

    God, it was so depressing to watch Frylock die. Slowly he lost all his fries, & his cardboard got all soggy & stuff. Then he wears one of those blue 'I'm-a-kid-with-cancer' baseball caps; It was pretty sad.

    Also, I did not know a box of fries could contract melanoma.

    Shake had a speech which was somewhat out of character too. And just for randomness sake, they also had Andrew W.K., who happens to rock pretty decently.

    This episode is sort-of like the one on South Park, when Kenny dies, but with two minor differences; Frylock did not die. And, at the end it didn't turn out that Master Shake was trying to benefit from Frylock's death (like Cartman did).

    Screw Flanders! Screw Flanders!
  • Frylock discovers he has cancer, and Shake Meatwad and Carl try to help out in their own crazy ways.

    My family has experienced some serious illnesses in the past couple of years, and seeing this episode made me remember that no matter how bad my family argued that we all still loved each other and would do anything we could to help our family out through the hard times. This episode is off the beaten path from the rest of the series, but to me it's still a very good episode in it's own right.
  • This episode was a more serious episode.It started as a normal episode, but then they find out Frylock has cancer.

    I really liked this episode, but it was way too different. It wasn't as funny, and it marked the first time Carl has shown any concern in the entire series. Meatwad spots a zit on Frylock, so Frylock sees a doctor. He finds out he has cancer.
    Frylocks condition worsens as you can see by his appearance.
    The episode ends without explaining much. He is told there is no cancer in his lymph nodes, however he has to stay out of the sun, get plenty of rest, and get his blood tested every two months. There is a long silence, and then it cuts to the credits.
  • As Meatwad once said to Shake \"I get it, it\'s not making me laugh but I get it\"

    This episode was sad, it was below average for Aqua Teen Hunger Force but it wasn\'t horrible. The best part was the group hug between Carl, Shake and Meatwad as well as Shake trying to be supportive of Frylock in his cancered state. \"I know... but I could... um.. blow up the sun, yes! That\'s it I\'ll blow up the sun!\" \"We have a time machine, this is the key to Frylock\'s health, we light it on fire and smoke the cancer out!\" These were very funny, but the episode overall was sort of dissapointing, I understand the need to have a cliffhanger since not everything in life works out smoothly in 30 (or in this case 15) minutes, but I think this cliffhanger left a little too much up in the air.
  • Frylock gets cancer. Nothing funny about it.

    I was a devout ATHF fan until I witnessed this episode. It was a total downer with no uplifting humor. Apparently the guys over at the production studio are so hard up for ideas for this season they\'ve decided to just go too far as often as possible. Sometimes it\'s hysterical, like in the Dickesode. This time, however, it\'s just sad. Frylock gets sick with cancer and the entire episode is spent watching him waste away as his health declines. There\'s a moment when Frylock is at the doctor\'s office and is miraculously cured and healthy, but then the moment turns out to be a fantasy and it\'s back to the depressing truth. The worst part is since seeing this episode, the rest of them just aren\'t that funny anymore...
  • It's a decidedly different and more serious Aqua Teen episode when Frylock develops cancer and for once, Shake, Meatwad, and Carl show genuine concern.

    This episode baffled me the first time I watched it. It was downright depressing. Unlike any other Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode before it.

    However, after a second viewing, I feel I got the episode more, and was able to see the funny aspects of it. At first, the shock of the serious way they handled the cancer aspect of the show makes it hard to realize how much they're actually parodying such "serious life-threatening development" episodes of other shows.

    The first time you see Carl actually join Meatwad and Shake in a group hug over their concern for Frylock's health, it's actually almost touching. You genuinely are worried about Frylock. The way they drew him as sick and going through chemotherapy is downright disturbing. But then upon a repeat viewing, you see that the group hug thing was more of a joke about how maudlin characters get in these sorts of episodes. It was a joke because it's sort of out of character for them to do that.

    Ending the episode on a more realistic and sad note was also jarring. Instead of the cancer magically disappearing, Frylock has a long recovery ahead of him. On first viewing, it's sobering. But like I said, you appreciate the funny aspect more once the shock wears off.
  • This episode has serious overtones

    This was an odd episode for me. I'm used to ATHF having way over the top plots and irrevernt behavior. But in this one, it seems to me anyway, that they had a point to make. Basicly, the first half of the episode has Meatwad and Shake doing something stupid as usuall. Then Frylock develops cancer and the whole mood of the story changed. It was unusual but refreshing to see Carl and Shake be supportive, or at least try to be, of Frylock. For once Shake was actually worried about someone other than himself. But at the end of the episode, there was no resolution. There was no payoff. It just ended. Kinda left things up in the air. Did Frylock get better? We'll never know. That probably wasn't the point anyway.
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