Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season 5 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Feb 10, 2008 on Adult Swim

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  • Reedickyoulus

    The Good:

    -Master Shake is training his cat to be a magician.

    -All of Meatwad's pets come back from the dead.

    -Master Shake loses his virginity to a male ape.

    The Bad:

    -This whole episode is unusual, even for "ATHF." There's a seesaw effect between disturbing and random that doesn't work here.
  • When Carl gets a new male enhancement device, it causes him to get unsavory side effects

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". The plot was pretty weird but it worked at least for the most part. I didn't like that Shake microwaved Meatwad's cat which killed the cat and then Shake microwaved his own cat which killed the cat... What the heck? To me, that was just stupid (that part is the reason why my score is a 9). Carl getting side effects was kind of disturbing but it's not the reason why my score is a little low... it's because of what I just mentioned right now. Carl getting some kind of side effect that zombied all of Meatwad's past pets was pretty funny as well. It was hilarious when Shake asked Meatwad "When did you get a gorilla?" and then the gorilla said "How can you not remember? Who shoved me in the microwave". It was very funny that all of the zombie pets were trying to shove Shake into the microwave. It was weird but funny when Shake had sex with them and Shake becomes a zombie as well and Frylock had to chop him with an axe (violent and disturbing but I've seen worse in this cartoon). The ending was very funny when Meatwad was smoking a cigarette and then the house explodes. Overall, an excellent episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". 9/10
  • Carl tries to improve his chances with a girl, and Master Shake finally comes out into the open in this funny episode.

    While I've seen a lot of great episodes of this series, I don't think there's Ever been an episode this good. When Meatwad gets a cat named Terrance, Shake has to kill it. When the Aqua Teen Hunger Force buries it, they notice something unusual. Carl's going to the bathroom, Outside! And his solid waste is glowing! The cause of the problem becomes apparent when it's revealed Carl has a new machine that enhances his most important male attribute. Not only has the machine caused Carl to melt the porcelain in his restroom, it's noisy! It's so noisy, the Aqua Teens have to write on sticky notes or use a megaphone just to communicate! When Shake accidentally kills his own cat, they notice there are now flies that are quickly making a small civilization built on Carl's glowing waste. And now, Carl's family jewels are glowing, and that's not normal at all! The solid waste is acidic and it can eat straight through the carpet and the floor of the Aqua Teen's house! If that wasn't weird enough, the solid waste contaminates everything underneath the ground as well! And the contamination causes all the pets Shake has killed over the years to come back to life! And now, the zombie pets have only one thing on their minds, making out! But even though Frylock tells Shake that making out with them will cause Shake to turn into a zombie, he doesn't listen, and admits his gayness by doing it with an undead gorilla! Of course, the other Aqua Teens can no longer have Shake around the house in a zombie state, so they tell him to leave. But Shake reveals it isn't directly his fault that he does all the bad stuff he does. He has no moral compass because he was raised by bad parents. It almost makes one feel sorry for Shake. The key word is, Almost! But Shake gets a happy ending as he gets to hop on a bus full of zombie animals and live with them! This episode is lol funny! Enough said, true believers!
  • When Carl gets a new male enhancement device, it than causes some unsavory side effects...

    Wow! This episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force was Awesome! It was completely perfect, and it was also hilarious! I really loved this episode, and I am absolutely going to watch it again! The plot was Awesome, the plot was hilarious, and it was great. This is probably my favorite episode of the show, and there was just something about it that made me love it! I am currently trying to watch all of the episodes, and when I watched this one, I was amazed! I think this was the best episode of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force show ever! I really liked it a lot!
  • Microwaving pets is not funny. It's a shame that the creators feel they have to resort to extreme shock value to keep people watching. I knew this show was heading downhill ever since the horrible movie (but that's another rant).

    Microwaving pets is not funny. It's a shame that the creators feel they have to resort to extreme shock value to keep people watching. I knew this show was heading downhill ever since the horrible movie (but that's another rant).

    This episode might have been a little entertaining without any of the pet killing stuff. It's hard not to laugh at a glowing turd. That and Carl's sex machine would have been a much more interesting plot line to follow. Though, the shear idiocy of milkshakes having sex with zombie pets is somewhat amusing. Blah Blah...stupid review minimum word counts. ...No, I'm serious, it's 100 words.
  • This episode redeemed the series and the characters in it.This made me glad I spent my spare money on the multiple DVD's that were released.

    In this episode,the aqua teens realize that Carl's new "male enhancement" piece of equipment called Reedickyoulus,has caused him to have adverse side effects.
    While Meatwads cat,Terrance was "defrosted" in a microwave by Shake,Carl goes to the aqua teens backyard.Sent outside for killing Terrence,Shake notices Carl poppin' a squat behind a bush.The next time Carl uses his machinery,Frylock investigates.After putting his magician cat,Mr Sparkle in the microwave by mistake,Shake has unprotected sex with one of the old pets,a zombie gorilla that was once shoved in a microwave and zombiefied by Carl's golden turds,Shake becomes a zombie.Frylock chops off his head,but still alive,Shake leaves on a gay zombie ape party bus.This amazing episode ends when Meatwad lights a cigarette to celebrate and the house explodes due to a gas leak.Watch this episode,you won't regret it!