Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season 9 Episode 4

Rocket Horse Jet Chicken

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jul 15, 2012 on Cartoon Network

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  • Meatwad writes and draws a graphic novel about a jet chicken and a rocket horse

    In hopes that Shake will write a promotional blurb about it, Meatwad writes and draws a graphic novel about him performing surgery. Well, I really don't know what to say here at all. It's not terrible but it's not the episode that I was excited to see all week long. The premise to the episode was very creative and awesome and it had potential to be at least a GOOD episode but it doesn't even get the rating from me at all and while I tried my best to love this episode, I just couldn't. If there weren't things in this episode that ruined it then it wouldn't have happened at all. 90% of the episode was INSIDE Meatwad's graphic novel and 10% of the episode was OUTSIDE of the novel of course with Frylock, Meatwad, and Shake. 5% in the beginning then it goes straight to Meatwad's story for 90% of the episode then the story ends and goes back to outside of Meatwad's story which brings the other 5% of the episode which is interesting. This episode, as a whole, wasn't that funny either. It was actually a boring installment of ASYKW but not only was it just that but it's such a disappointment. What also COMPLETELY ruined this episode was the amount of toilet humor (a.k.a. poop jokes) that they've had in this episode. All I'm gonna say is that don't watch this episode while eating. The running gag with Jet Chicken needing to go take a poop plus the fact that poop is actually shown just grossed me out. Jet Chicken even wipes his butt on the neighbor's lawn where poop is being spread everywhere and wiped Meatwad's receipt as a toilet paper. Holy crap!!! I don't know how much of the disgusting unnecessary crap jokes or toilet humor.. I'm gonna say toilet humor... that I can take in this episode. This episode will make you vomit just seeing the constant poop here and there. This show is not really one to use toilet humor and that's what I love about it but it really wasn't needed here. That last thing I would want to see in this episode was utterly vulgar toilet humor throughout especially showing a bunch of poop. I don't think I even wanna watch this episode again because of the fact I don't wanna vomit seeing poop throughout the episode again. you pretty much get my point and why would Meatwad even put that in his graphic novel. Yes, I know this is a cartoon but still, it was unneeded humor. Also, Frylock that he enjoyed Meatwad's story which surprised me big time after you know. The parts that made me laugh in this episode were Meatwad performing surgery in his graphic novel towards the end of the episode, Rocket Horse had a couple of funny lines, Meatwad and Rocket Horse riding on a rollercoaster at the ending of Meatwad's graphic novel, Shake having that meeting about Meatwad's novel at the very end of the episode, and probably one more part. Like I said, not a lot of parts made me laugh. I just don't recommend this episode even if you're a fan and ESPECIALLY don't watch it while you're eating. Otherwise, you're gonna lose your appetite and NOT gonna wanna eat anymore. I never see a bunch of poop jokes in an episode of this show ever again and it shouldn't have been in this episode in the first place. Overall, this episode was such a disappointment... it's not terrible like "Chicken and Beans" but it was just majorly disappointing with so much potential that was wasted completely which makes this a mediocre episode of "Aqua Something You Know Whatever". 5/10
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