Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season 6 Episode 7

2-And-a-Half-Star Wars Out of Five

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM May 10, 2009 on Cartoon Network
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A Pink Man is set on destroying the moon, but he can't get anybody to help him.

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  • 2-and-a-Half-Star Wars Out of Five

    The Good:

    -"I'll just be over there in the rain, if it rains. No pressure."

    -"Look out your window."

    -Master Shake dresses up like Kate Beckinsale in 'Underworld.'

    -Star Wars-like music plays throughout the episode.

    -Ignignokt and Err microwave Yoda.
  • A pink man wants to destroy the moon but he wants the Aqua Teen Hunger Force to help him which they refuse to do

    I thought that this was a good episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". While it wasn't my favorite episode and it could have been better, it was pretty enjoyable and I didn't think that it was a bad episode at all. As soon as this episode started, I was laughing hard because the episode started with the pink man mowing the Aqua Teen Hunger Force's lawn and Frylock keeps telling him to stop mowing the lawn. The pink man wanting to destroy the moon but needs someone's help was funny. The pink man also trying to get the Aqua Teen Hunger Force's help was good as well but somehow turned kinda weak. The pink man turning into a werewolf just seemed to be at the weak side for me but it was hilarious when he jumped through the window and attacked Carl. Carl's cameo appearance in this episode was also funny. The Star Wars parody in this episode was also good when Frylock was using the life saver on the pink man. The Mooninites' appearance at the very end of the episode was also funny. Overall, this episode was good and enjoyable but I felt like some parts were at the weak side and could have been better. 7.5/10moreless

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    • Underworld

      Though the film isn't named, Shake talks at length about Kate Beckinsale, vampires versus werewolves, and possesses a cardboard cutout of Miss Beckinsale in a black leather suit. All of these refer to the film, in which she starred.

    • Star Wars

      The majority of the episode is a pun on the Star Wars trilogy. Drewbacca is clearly a naked version of Chewbacca, who seeks to blow up the moon so he doesn't become a Wookie. The concept of destroying the moon is based on the first movie's main plot, which involves blowing up the Death Star. Drewbacca attempts to use the Jedi Mind Trick to convince the others to help him. Yoda also makes an appearance a la The Mooninites.