Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season 4 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Dec 10, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Carl unwittingly endangers the planet when he accepts 40 dollars a month to maintain an alien antenna.

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  • Antenna

    The Good:

    -Meatwad thinks the TV is fixed when there is still static.

    -Carl is entertained by a show where aliens stack things.

    -George Lowe will not stop talking.

    The Bad:

    -The aliens are not funny, like most of the villains of "ATHF."

  • Great episode but one disturbing thing about this episode lowered my score

    I thought that this was a great episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". It wasn't my favorite episode and it wasn't the best but it was pretty good and I liked it. There was one disturbing thing that lowered my score but I'll get to that somewhere in the middle or end of my review. The plot is that there is this big tower that has these two aliens talking to Carl about his head. Okay, I'll just tell you the thing that disturbed me. The thing that really disturbed me was that the aliens are telling Carl to tilt over but Carl ends up having a bloodier nose and his head is so freakin' huge that it looks like it was going to pop (luckily that never happened). The highlight of this episode was when George Low went to tell Frylock to get off of the tower and Frylock keeps saying "no". It was hilarious George Low just keeps talking and Frylock pushes him down the tower. It was pretty funny when Frylock and the aliens tricked Shake so Shake can be the entertainment for the television. The ending disturbing me when Shake, Frylock, Meatwad, and Carl had bloody noses and a head that is so huge. Overall, a great episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" but that one disturbing thing ruined the score. 8/10moreless
  • This episode is very gross, but very funny! :idea:

    How does a character turn a molehill into a mountain? Well if they're on This show, "Aqua Teen Hunger Force," and if the character's name is Carl, they want money. And this molehill problem gets turned into a mountain when Carl agrees to have a Humongous T.V. antenna installed on his house so he could get paid $40 an hour! But these aliens are very strange, they've reprogrammed Carl's T.V. so that all it shows are the two aliens repetitively stacking boxes over and over again. And what's even stranger about them is that they make Carl tilt his head back so that all the blood will rush to his head, making Carl's head look extremely bulbous and mutated. But Carl's gratification is coming at the expense of the enjoyment of the Hunger Force, so Frylock has to do something about it! But the aliens don't want that, and they want Carl to do something about it. Only Carl Can't do something about it, he can't move his body with a gigantic head making him imbalanced! So the aliens go to plan B: Space Ghost...'s voice actor George Lowe! :lol: George Lowe has a really unique voice and a very comedic persona, and he's voicing himself no less! And he's trying to distract Frylock from taking down the antenna! But despite George Lowe's best efforts, Frylock destroys most of the antenna and is able to escape to safety. The aliens are not happy about that and want to get even with the Aqua Teens! Fortunately, Frylock agrees to give the aliens Master Shake in exchange for the rest of the world being left alone. And Master Shake's punishment is...being a stand-up comedian for the alien's pleasure for the rest of his life! :D (You just can't make that stuff up!) And surprisingly, Master Shake is just fine with that because he's being what he's always wanted to be: a star! This show is really good for a funny crack-up! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless
  • 8.8/10

    It was an "okay" episode. Carl sets up a huge antenna for 40$ a month. Then the radioactive waves coming out of it, makes him start to have nose bleeds. It's really stupid. It's kind of gross. There's blood squirting from Carl's nose for almost the whole episode, and his head starts getting bigger and bigger (I think it's a tumor). By the end of the episode, his head is three times as big as normal, and blood is squirting out his nose like a hose. Although this episode wasn't that funny, it was still a really good episode. Frylock climbs the tower, and runs into some guy that won't leave him alone. It's kind of funny, but Frylock just pushes him off. When he gets to the top, he figures out it goes all the way to space! Shake starts to go up, because Frylock said they had satellite up there. It was all a trick! When Shake gets up there, he's forced to do stand-up comedy, which he likes. That part was too random. It didn't really make sense. All in all, it's a good episode.

    Humor - 6/10

    Plot - 9/10

    Originality - 10/10moreless
  • Good episode.

    Good episode. Carl gets paid $40 to have a large tower antenna on top of his house. All the signal for phones and tvs goes out. Some creepy looking aliens who like to stack boxes repeatedly. Carl gets a huge head, blood coming out of his nose and his eyes. Meatwad is going to get a handjob with eurlocks but doesn't know what a handjob is. Shake is entertaining everyone with his stand up and singing for the rest of his life. George Lowe guest stars. Meatwad gets run over by a truck. Probably the 2nd best episode of the season.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

  • QUOTES (13)

    • George Lowe: (referring to the aliens) They wanted to get Don LaFontaine to come up here, but Mr. Six-Figure for every minute was just too expensive so they got me, Mr. Forty to come up here instead.
      Frylock: They're paying you $40,000 to talk to me?
      George: No, forty Quarlocks, but they're apparently worth a lot in Earth currency. (Imitates Don LaFontaine) In a world where Frylock climbs up a tower, George Lowe talks to him and gets paid forty Quarlocks a minute. (In normal voice) Are you telling me that that's not the same thing?

    • Shake: (singing) I see your face. Your rosy, rosy cheeks. And I mean your buns, those squshy mushy buns.

    • Meatwad: Do you remember that one show? "Roid-Away, apply directly to the roid. Roid-Away, apply directly to the roid."
      Shake: Apply directly to the roid...
      Meatwad: That's a good show.
      Shake: Yeah, that was good.

    • Shake: It's the Indians and their barbaric ways. Yogurt running down their faces and boobs flappin' around. Hey, you ever hear of a bra? I've seen one.

    • Shake: Frylock, you know me. My love for him is beyond any... rivers.

    • Tower Alien: Carl, someone climbs the tower. You know what you must do Beastman.

    • Tower Alien 1: We shall tell him in our own little way.
      Tower Alien 2: Send voice-over artist George Lowe.
      Tower Alien 1: George Lowe will force him from the tower.

    • George Lowe: What's up Frymlom?

    • George Low: You look tasty and heavily salted.

    • George Lowe: The home office in Grand Rapids sent me to get you off the tower. It's affecting the morning show. You being here the morning guys can't do their thing. The Nutty Bunch, Larry and Eric.

    • George Lowe: Yorlock, it keeps your food fresher longer. A product of Ching-Dow-De-Do-Do Industries.

    • George Lowe: We'll be right back with the Master Shake show on every channel. Global, World-wide, every channel. All the freaking channels all the freaking time. Same little cup yapping away.
      Frylock: George, please.
      George Lowe: Well I can do that. It's what I do. Then they got this weasel knocking down six figures every Monday. He's taking over the internet you know. I had a six figure deal with the internet, now it's gone.

    • George Lowe: That's fine, Aunt Crabby. I still get paid.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Don LaFontaine

      George Lowe refers to him several times during the episode. Don LaFontaine is best known for doing movie trailer voiceovers; he has even been nicknamed "The Voice" by some fans.

    • Head On

      RoidAway, apply directly to the roid. This is a parody to Head On, the product where there is one step - to apply directly to the forehead. Like Meatwad's comments, the infamous commercial for the Head On product is very repetitive.