Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season 5 Episode 9

Bible Fruit

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Mar 23, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Frylock invites his new MySpace friends over for a party; they turn out to be three religious, anthropomorphic fruits.

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  • Bible Fruit

    The Good:

    -"...That's actually how we met."

    -Bert Banana's hands were replaced.

    -"So you said you're in science? That's kinda like my job; I work in a cereal factory."
  • Frylock decides to party with his MySpace friends who are apparently very religious fruits

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". It wasn't my favorite episode but it was very enjoyable and I really liked it for the most part. Frylock being MySpace friends with these three very religious fruits was very funny. The only thing I didn't about this episode was that the fruits were a little annoying and were kinda getting on my nerves. It's great to see that Frylock wants to party for once. We usually see the Frylock who acts like an adult and a parent but this Frylock wanted to party which we rarely see and I liked that. Even though the fruits were a little annoying, they managed to be somehow funny at the same time. That fruit thinking that the other fruit is gonna have sex with Frylock was very funny. That fruit getting furious and trashing the house was also funny. I also thought that the ending was hilarious. Overall, I thought that this was a superb episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" but it could've been just a little better in my opinion... it is enjoyable for the most part though. 9/10moreless
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force is a sinking ship.

    I believe that Aqua Teen Hunger Force is a sinking ship that just continues to sink deeper and deeper. It's certainly not getting any better and is obvious that it's getting worse. I hate the way the new episodes are, seasons 5 and 6 are probably the biggest television show disappointment of my life. I'm serious, it has gotten that bad. The one show that I used to love to watch, the one show that actually made me laugh out loud, is now almost a complete failure to me. I did not like this episode, everyone seemed to be out of character and all of the fruit was so annoying. I just wish things could go back to the way they were.moreless
  • Perhaps one of the best endings ever? Straight out of Sealab 2021... BA-BA-BOOM!

    A great mix! I appreciate all of the main characters getting a least a little airtime in an episode. Sometimes I feel an episode can be saved just by having Shake or Carl wander into frame, blurt something hilarious out, then wander back off. Also, perhaps one of the best endings ever. Straight out of Sealab 2021... BA-BA-BOOM! Although I found most of Shake's dialog funny, it seemed a little too exaggerated at parts (even for Shake). Overall very happy with the episode and I have renewed faith in the series! I can't wait for the next episode (why do they make us wait so long?!)moreless
  • Frylock makes new friends with assorted fruits over myspace. Of course the fruit are not normal and crazy insane madness ensues.

    Nothing beats born again drug addled alcoholic fruits that are trying to recover from their life of sin, but just can't quite make it out of their spiral. Bert Banana actually makes the Aqua Teens look like saints. His lines make me laugh every time. "...No more choking drifters for sex." Bert has serious issues. Tammy Tangerine's performance was amazing. Mortimer Mango brings it home with his story of building a birdhouse while on drugs. The Bible Fruit are an interesting addition to ATHF supporting characters. I hope to see the fruit interact with the Moonanites and the Plutonians soon.moreless
H. Jon Benjamin

H. Jon Benjamin

Mortimer Mango

Guest Star

David Cross

David Cross

Bert Banana

Guest Star

Kristen Schaal

Kristen Schaal

Tammy Tangerine

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Frylock seems surprised that the three fruits are Christian and he appears not to believe in God himself in this episode, yet inThe Dressing, he is shown praying to God to bless their Thanksgiving meal.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Mortimer Mango: So you said you're into science? That's . . . that's kinda like my job. I work in a cereal factory.

    • Meatwad: Why don't you ask that TV if he minds showin' me some Futurama. I like me some Futurama.
      Master Shake: Well, now we're too damned cheap to receive it. So go the hell over to Carl Central and watch it to your heart's content.
      Meatwad: Carl gets Futurama?
      Master Shake: He didn't even want it until we started watching it.

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