Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Unknown Oct 24, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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When the Aqua Teens go to Panama City for a vacation, Meatwad leaves Carl to babysit Dewey, Vanessa and Boxy Brown. At first, Carl thinks not having the Aqua Teens around is great, but soon realizes that hanging around the neighborhood by himself is a real drag.


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  • Carl

    The Good:

    -"Oh look, Err - talking farm animals."

    -Meatwad leaves an elaborate, unreadable note on Carl's house.

    -"Look, you can watch TV at home." "I know, but it's exciting to know that I can watch it here too."

    -"...I think my sunburn's finally gone!"

    The Bad:

    -It seems as though everything Carl does by himself is stuff that he's already been seen doing on the show. Something new to see would have made "Carl" even better.moreless
  • An episode that is all about Carl... AWESOME!!!

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" and I loved how this episode was mainly focused on Carl. The Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Frylock, Shake, and Meatwad) were in this episode but it mostly focused on Carl which I really liked. It was very funny when Meatwad wrote a note all over Carl's house and Carl couldn't read a word because it was written messy. Carl peeing on Meatwad's objects (I can't quite describe them) after it caught on fire was hilarious. The scenes with Frylock, Shake, and Meatwad on their vacation was very interesting to see and it was very funny. Carl prank calling people because he was bored was very funny. Carl in the pool all alone because he was so bored. It was pretty bloody when that hand tore off Carl's flesh but since this cartoon is meant to be violent then it doesn't bug me at all. It was also pretty disturbing how they ripped off Shake's skin at the end of the episode. My score was just a little low because the ending was pretty cruddy to me. Overall, an excellent episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" which was excellent for the most part. 9.5/10moreless
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  • The Aqua Teens go on vacation and Meatwad leaves his dolls for Carl to babysit, but he treats them like crap on purpose. Later Carl and Shake get thier skin ripped off by an invention of Frylock's.moreless

    This episode is very special. I mean now you can take a look at what Carl's day is like. This episode is very interesting to watch. I think this episode is a riot, wicked funny. I think this episode is a once in a lifetime episode of anything in the world. I mean some things in this episode are a little bit weird, but hey who really cares. I don't care how weird anything is, it is still good. So honestly this episode is a treasure. This episode is extremely awsome, so heads up that it is an awsome episode.moreless
  • I THink That that episode Was Very Good And Also Funny But a Lot Of Blood is In It !!

    When the Aqua Teens go to Panama City for a vacation, Meatwad leaves Carl to babysit Dewey, Vanessa, and Boxy Brown. At first, Carl thinks not having the Aqua Teens around is great, but soon realizes that hanging around the neighborhood by himself is a real drag.

    Meanwhile, in Panama City, Meatwad tries to start a comedy act, Frylock tries to get some action, and Shake loafs around the hotel room.
C. Martin Croker

C. Martin Croker

Dr. Weird, Steve (2001-2003)

Carey Means

Carey Means

Frylock, Various Voices

Dave Willis

Dave Willis

Meatwad, Carl, Various Voices

Dana Snyder

Dana Snyder

Master Shake, Various Voices

Schoolly D

Schoolly D


Kim Manning

Kim Manning

Donna Bryson

Guest Star

Jennifer Stephens

Jennifer Stephens


Guest Star

Amanda Marks

Amanda Marks

Donna/Sex Phone Operator

Guest Star

Dave Willis

Dave Willis


Recurring Role

Matt Maiellaro

Matt Maiellaro

Err, Delivery Guy

Recurring Role

Andy Merrill

Andy Merrill


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • You can see Meatwad fall off the railing outside the hotel, which is why you hear his voice when Shake pushes out the bed.

    • This is the second episode in a row to feature a character named Donna.

    • Carl tells the dolls that he's finished with the W's after calling Donna. However, a glimpse of the yearbook shows Donna's picture next to Carl's, where both of their last names start with B.

    • The sunglasses Meatwad and Shake are wearing are the same ones that shake had in Frat Aliens.

    • This episode is the last episode to feature the Spacecataz opening. There were more scenes in the original Spacecataz episode but they were not used to open any subsequent Aqua Teen episodes. All of the episodes after this open with the regular opening theme song.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Sexy Chick: This call will cost $9 a minute for the first sexy minute, then $12 a minute for every 30 dirty sexonds.
      Carl: No. I will not accept charges. Let me take this to the office.
      Sexy Chick: ...for every 30 dirty sexonds. Ooh, did I say 'sexonds'?
      Carl: Yeah, hell yeah I'll accept charges.
      Rudy: Intruder alert. Intruder alert.
      Carl: No, wait wait wait! It's me!
      Rudy: I'm telling. I'm telling!!
      Carl: Whatever, go ahead.

    • Frylock: Look, you can watch TV at home.
      Master Shake: I know, but its exciting to know that I can watch it here, too.
      Frylock: You know there's girls down there, right?
      Master Shake: Yeah, stuck up girls. Fffssss... they know where to find me.

    • Carl: Heh hehe, hey!! Guess who this is!
      Donna: He-hello?
      Carl: That's what your Mom said, 'fore I shaved her back! Hahahaha! Yeah! No, no actually I did talk to your Mom tonight. She said to call you.
      Donna: Oh..okay, well. Do you know what time it is?
      Carl: Nah, I keep the blinds closed so it's kinda disorienting, but ya know, I don't want the government in my business.
      Donna: He-hello?

    • Carl: Oh what the..? Oh, great yeah. No, I love to live in the woods and eat with sticks. No thank you, we're American. I'll use utensils okay? But uh.. they're in the kitchen, so uh.. So uh no harm no foul, you know what I mean?

    • Carl: 'Scuse me. Dumps pee bucket
      Delivery Boy: It's uh.. $7.92
      Carl: Okay, here's uh.. $8 dollars and..keep it.
      Delivery Boy: All of it? I don't know if the bank will take all this.
      Carl: Hey man, the night's young. Knock off for a bit, let's party!
      Delivery Boy: Oh, no thanks. This is going to take me all night to count.
      Carl: Oh, don't be so uptight man! I got a pool in the back, I got beer on ice, I'm a... I'm callin' your supervisor, asshole!

    • Carl: You don't talk much there, do ya? Oh, you noticed! See, a lot of water gets wasted during the day flushing the toilet or the bathroom, ya know, so I fill all this up, all I gotta do when I go to the kitchen for lunch is pour it down the sink. Whatever it takes to save the Earth, cause Granola girls gets 'em all moist. Homeless girls, too. They'll do anything for shelter. Ya know, stay with me man, I'm full of information, I'm like an infomercial. You know what one of them is? It's information, that you get in a commercial. Let's uh..friggin' see if one's on.

    • Meatwad: Lemme tell ya about this airplane food..airplane food. I mean, what's up with that? Am I right? See..that's when the people laugh and then I gotta be like..I gotta have a joke there.

    • Carl: Damn it's hot out here. You guys must be seriously thirsty.
      Pours gasoline on them
      Here open up. Drink up, there.
      Lights them on fire
      Oh, shoot. Did I do that? Here.. lemme put you out.
      Pees on them
      Hahah, yeah! In your face!

    • Emory: Hah, what's goin' on?
      Oglethorpe: What is the dilly-o?
      Ignignokt: Oh, look Err. Talking farm animals.
      Oglethorpe: So.. are you having a movie night with the PJs.. Can I have a tiny slice?
      Err: Tell him no..
      Ignignokt: We would love to, but this has to last us through lunch.
      Err: Plus it's gone!
      Err opens up door, pizza flies out

    • Carl: All right, that's the last of the W's. There's a Z left but uh... oh. Yeah, that unibrow. Ah, screw it. Look up "Zambrano". Normally I wouldn't do a fat chick from the flag corps, but uh... it is a new era.. .of loneliness. Oh God.

    • Meatwad: Come on everybody! Group hug! ...Boxy, what's wrong?
      Boxy Brown: Don't you ever leave me with that fool again. I'll slit you up the middle!
      Meatwad: Okay Boxy...
      Boxy Brown: Okay nothin'! Mother f****r did not feed us!
      Meatwad: I... I will. I will know better next time.
      Boxy Brown: He peed on me, bitch!
      Meatwad: Frylock, get him off of me please!

    • Carl: Normally I wouldn't do a chick from the Flag Corps but hey, it's a new era... of loneliness. Oh god.

    • Meatwad: Where's my wallet? (Pointing to Shake) He took my wallet!
      Shake: I took the what now? (Rudy shoots Shake)

    • Carl: Oh yeah stay with me man, I'm full of information, I'm like an infomercial. You know what one of them is? It's information, that you get in a commercial.

    • Boxy Brown: He peed on me bitch!

    • (Beginning of the episode; Carl is looking at his house, which Meatwad has etched pictures and messages into.)
      Carl: (sarcastically) Oh, ho ho! Super.
      Meatwad's Message: Dear Carl, thank you in advance for feeding my dolls while we out in Panama City scaring up venture capital money for my stand-up comedy tour 'Meatwad Unplugged: No Buns Allowed'. And also...we also gettin' a tan. Now remember Dewy and Vanessa won't eat anything but chicken chow mein noodles, and you know Boxy, he eat anything as long as it's deep fired. They need to be walked twice a day, and be sure pick up their doll droppings; you get a fine from the city. Thanks again. Sorry about the house big guy. Sincerely, Meatwad.
      Carl: All right. What the f-(Car alarm activates) does this say?

  • NOTES (1)