Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season 4 Episode 12


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Dec 17, 2006 on Adult Swim

Episode Recap

The episode begins with a shot of carl's front door and the door bell ringing. When carl answers he looks around and finally looks down and see a mini milk shake who says Daddy??? Carl replies next door jackass. The mini shake goes next door where shake answers and looks surprised and tells the mini shake his father is next door he is the fat guy. When Mini Shake goes to go next door, carl is out infront with a shotgun. So, Mini shake knocks on the door again, this time Frylock answers. Mini shake says Daddy??? Frylock says no, but you do look like someone I know but thats impossible because he has no penis. Shake pops out and says is he gone?? Frylock says nope, want to talk to him?? Shake says no. Mini Shake wants to be picked up, but shake wont do it so frylock does and he starts crying, so Frylock drops him. Frylock asks what his name is and mini shake says I don't have a name. Shake yells at mini shake and mini shake runs out the front door and goes to a baby seat for a car just sitting on the sidewalk. Frylock tells him he can stay until he grows up. Meatwad wants to name him, Meat wad names him Jesus Ezekial Jesus. Ezekial likes it and sticks with it. Frylock, Meatwad, and Ezekial have a group hug, which shake wants no part of. Ezekial is shown in carls pool trying to swim. Shake says come to Daddy, and when Ezekial gets close enough shake drops a cement block on him to drown him. Meatwad saves him, Shake says when he is older his son will be a famous basketball player. The 2 shakes are shown playing frylock and meatwad in a game of basketball, Ezekial misses a big shot and shake says you suck. Shake keeps making fun of him. Next they are shown playing tennis and 3 of them are wearing headbands its pretty funny to see. Shake makes fun of him more, meatwad says something and shake says he doesnt need this he is either 30 or 40 yrs old and meatwad says which is it are you 30 or 40 and shake says I dont know. Shake is trying to kill himself by sitting in carls car with a hose and letting the fumes get in to the car. Carl gets pissed and says here is a steak knife to kill yourself. Ezekial is inside beating the chess dragon at a game of chess. Chess dragon is a chess piece with a dragon head and feet and tail. Shake is all excited his son beat the chess dragon. Frylock says I know he isnt your son because you've never had sex. Frylock says how Ezekial is actually older then shake, Ezekial says i'm 4,000 years old. Shake says right like theres two talking milkshakes. Which at that moment the chess dragon bust threw the ceiling grabs Ezekial and flies off. Frylock says there were and the episode ends.